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How to lose weight? Let's start with the new Shake One Pure!

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Published by Calivita Partner in Weight loss · 26 January 2023
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Being active is one of the key factors for a slim figure and a healthy life. You can always start moving, and thanks to our helpful tips and vegan proteins, everyone can achieve the figure they want.

Shake One Pure meal replacement shake

On our blog, we present the new vegan Shake One Pure, which supports and facilitates weight loss and can also replace any meal or snack.

Shake One Pure is a delicious plant-based protein powder with a white chocolate and raspberry flavor that complements your daily diet or any slimming diet. It does not contain whey and is completely vegetable. You can easily and quickly dissolve it in water, milk or plant milk to obtain a full-fledged meal replacement cocktail.

Shake One Pure Calivita

Plant-based proteins for vegans and vegetarians

The product contains high-quality 100% vegetable proteins isolated from peas and brown rice, is a rich source of vitamins and minerals, supplemented with Acai berry extract and chicory root inulin. Calivita Shake One Pure also contains digestive enzymes that have been added for easier absorption, and a special composition of carbohydrates prevents sudden spikes in blood sugar. Shake One Pure is available in two packages - a large 500 g and a small 30 g.

Diet plan for weight loss

The key to losing weight is to exercise more and eat less. Simple, right? We need to forget about sweets and snacks a bit, and no matter how spicy it sounds, we just need to eat less. It's a simplistic approach, but accurate. We need to consume fewer calories than we need. You do not need to make sudden and dramatic changes in your diet, on the contrary, it is better to go gradually, step by step. Sometimes you can indulge a little and reward yourself, but never forget your goal: always remember what you want to achieve and stick to what you are going to do! Meal replacement weight loss shakes can help you do that. Especially if you choose the new formula based on Shake One Pure vegetable proteins. Its delicious, sweet flavor of raspberries and white chocolate will surely satisfy your sweet tooth. And when you have that under control, it will be more than useful to replace your lunch with this pure plant-based protein powder that will provide you with all the nutrients you need. One Pure Shake is fortified with vitamins and minerals, digestive enzymes and fiber to further enhance its effectiveness. It should be mentioned that the product does not contain ingredients of animal origin, artificial colors, preservatives, lactose, gluten, fillers, stimulants or genetically modified ingredients. In addition, it contains carbohydrate palatinose, which will prevent sudden spikes in blood sugar.

How to start exercising?

Along with adjusting your diet, we recommend starting with an exercise program (no matter how reluctant we are!), as you will progress much faster that way. It is best to start training with professional trainers who will supervise you and introduce you to an exercise plan tailored to your needs and capabilities. You can continue on your own later. If you're starting alone, start slowly, step by step! In any case, and especially if you are overweight, exercise gradually to avoid injuring ligaments, muscles or joints. A regular, brisk walk (not walking with friends) or riding a real or home bike is enough to start with, followed by swimming, light running, or a more intense workout.

How to quickly recover muscles after training

Before training, you can drink Burn One, which will speed up your metabolism and help burn fat in the exercise process. Recovery after exercise is very important. That's why we recommend drinking Shake One Pure Calivita after training. Post-workout protein helps your muscles recover. This is the time when your body is using the ingested proteins and can make the most of them. Proteins are ideal for aiding in the recovery of muscles that may have suffered micro-trauma due to stress, as well as preventing the loss of lean muscle mass instead of fat deposits when you lose weight through exercise.

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