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Burn One

Burn One
Forget about hunger

300 g

16 sachets (10g)

5167 mg
1000 mg
An extract of green coffee beans - chlorogenic acid, 250 mg, caffeine 10 mg
500 mg
Siberian ginseng -
.... 2 mg

200 mg
Green tea extract (including polyphenols 80 mg, 10 mg caffeine)
100 mg
100 mg
Guarana seed extract (including caffeine 22 mg)
100 mg
The extract from the leaves of lucerne (5: 1)
100 mg
The seed extract of Kola Nut (4: 1) (10 mg caffeine, theobromine 10 mg)
100 mg
Caffeine anhydrous
80 mg
16 mg
Extract from chilli (4: 1), 0.4 mg capsaicin
20 mg
20 mg
8,3 mcg
2,5 mcg


  • weight loss
  • weight maintenance
  • before workout


one serving is 10g (2 scoops) of the product mixed with water

Burn One
lemon powder supporting fat burning

Lemon flavored sugarless powder with xylitol capsaicin, L-carnitine, caffeine, green tea, chromium and other components that support normal metabolic processes and energy generation.

Who should use Burn One?
  • People on a weight loss diet, instead of sweets.
    For those who want to accelerate and stimulate the metabolic processes.
    Before training in order to provide additional energy.
    Lifestyle - change in lifestyle.

Burn One has been included in the One Diet program to speed up your metabolism, and thus increase your energy. With caffeine it can be used as a coffee substitute, but you can also count on it to provide you with plenty of energy before a run or workout in the gym.

About all the details of your diet you will learn from the One Diet program guide, which you will receive when buying Burn One in the promotional package. In the One Diet package you will receive 2 Shake One packages, one pack of Burn One, fiber: Pure Inulin or Nopalin and unique One Diet shaker.

Zestaw One Diet z Pure Inulin


Zestaw One Diet z Nopalin

Burn One saszetkiAnd if you often travel, you can take Burn One with You in handy sachets.


  • Is not recommended taking chromium by pregnant women, nursing mothers and small children.

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One Diet

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