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Meal Time - χωνέψει εύκολα

Meal Time

Ποσότητα σε Συσκευασία:

100 μασώμενα δισκία

Τιμή λιανικής / λέσχη

Από που να αγοράσω:

Αγοράζω απο το Ιντερνετ

Active ingredient / chewable tablet:

Papaya enzyme

250 mg


support digestion


1-2 chewing tablets daily during or after meals or according to an expert doctor's advice.

Meal Time

100 συμπλήρωμα διατροφής για τσίχλες

Το Meal Time είναι ένα εξαιρετικά γευστικό μασώμενο δισκίο που υποστηρίζει τις υγιείς πεπτικές λειτουργίες. Σήμερα, οι φυσικές λύσεις καθίστανται ευρέως διαδεδομένες στην αντιμετώπιση προβλημάτων πέψης. Ο κύριος ενεργός παράγοντας του Meal Time είναι το ένζυμο παπάγια (παπαϊνη), μια φυσική ένωση πολύ παρόμοια με τα ένζυμα αποσύνθεσης πρωτεϊνών.

Meal Time - food supplement
Meal Time is a great tasting chewable tablet to support healthy digestive functions. Nowadays, natural solutions are becoming widespread in dealing with digestion problems. The main active agent of Meal Time is papaya enzyme (papain), a natural compound very similar to protein decomposing enzymes. This plant also contains other carbohydrate decomposing enzyme-like compounds as well.

Transformation of nutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) into forms useable by the metabolism is the job of our digestive system. Improper or incomplete digestion may mean that our digestive system is not extracting the optimum amount of useable nutrients from the food we eat. Moreover, incomplete digestion may cause partially decomposed food to remain in the digestive tract longer than is healthy. There are many factors which could lead to improper digestion including aging, illness, medication, stress, change in habit patterns, or poor diet.

man with a hamburgerOne of the main tools the digestive system uses to break down food is enzymes. Enzymes are active, catalytic proteins that either initiate, or speed up the process of breaking down food into useable components. There are many different kinds of enzymes in the human body, and each one specializes in a certain function. For example, the enzyme pepsin is primarily responsible for the break down of proteins into amino acids in the human body. As digestion is regulated by enzymes, the intake of natural enzymes may help support healthy and more efficient digestion.

Enzymes can be found in the plant world. For example, the tropical fruit papaya is rich in an enzyme called papain, which is very similar to the protein digesting enzyme pepsin.


  • You should consult with a qualified medical practitioner, before taking any supplement.

  • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

  • Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced mixed diet.

  • Keep out of reach of young children.

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