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Formulas supporting the immune system

Formulas supporting the immune system
Royal Jelly

50 capsules

food supplement

If you believe in natural solutions, royal jelly extract is for you. Bees feed the queen-bee with this nutrient concentrate. This substance enables her to live as long as 3-4 years, while the life span of workers is only 4-6 weeks. The consumption of royal jelly concentrate is beneficial for humans as well.
180 capsules

food supplement

Immune booster with Cat’s claw

The immune system: the resistance and strength of our body should be continuously supported; only during distress! Cat’s Claw in The active agents of ImmunAid may support the normal functioning of our immune system, helping preserve our resistance.
30 capsules

food supplement
240 ml

Liquid immune booster

SambuRex is a formula which primarily targets the protection of the immune system; its main ingredients are elderberry and Echinacea that have been used for long in popular medicine, and Astragalus which is applied with predilection in Eastern medicine. Due to its liquid form, this special herbal blend may be adequate even for those who for some reason or other do not like tablet and capsule formulas.
4 bottles pack - 4x 240 ml

pay 3 get 4
90 tablets

food supplement

Immune booster complex

due to its composition, effectively supports the healthy functioning of our immune system. We recommend it for those who wish to have a more complex defense, or often face situations in which our body needs assistance.
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