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Fruits of the sea

Fruits of the sea
100 softgels capsules

100 softgels

food supplement

CaliVita’s Omega 3 contains high doses of omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil for improved support of healthy triglyceride levels and cardiovascular health as well as better brain functions.
90 tablets

food supplement

Sharks have been living on Earth for more than 400 million years in an unchanged form. These so-called cartilaginous fishes process excellent health, and every part of their body serves their survival. Applied as a food supplement, the cartilage of sharks supports the healthy functioning of the joints.
100 tablets

food supplement

Spirulina Chlorella PLUS contains everything which is indispensable for an up-to-date alga formula. We have complemented the two precious denominator algae with wheat grass, alfalfa, as well as a proprietary blend containing valuable “green” ingredients and antioxidants – like Aloe vera or lycopene extract.
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