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Nature in Pharmavita

Food supplements from Nature

The modern definition of health, adopted in 1984 by the World Health Organization (WHO), is a state of complete, physical, mental and social wellbeing and not only the absence of disease or infirmity. According to a comparative study of the World Health Organization Nowadays, fresh fruits and vegetables contain smaller amounts of vitamins and minerals. The processing of these products (cooking, frying, braising) causes further loss of nutrients.

carrotsIt is therefore appropriate to ask the question, what amounts of vitamins and minerals we consume, and whether these quantities satisfy the needs of our body?

The level of awareness of this condition in most people is high, so rightly raise the issue:

"What will be the future, and whether there are any solutions to the increasing challenges of everyday life?"

broccoliIn recent years significantly increased awareness of the need for a healthy lifestyle, which is obviously the merit of CaliVita ®.

All over the world CaliVita ® International promotes new in terms of quality lifestyle, which currently an integral part - in addition to a healthy diet and regular physical activity - is the systematic taking food supplements.

What can CaliVita ® International offer You?

A wide range of over one hundred products available in the global network, is produced using the latest technology to ensure the highest standards for pharmaceutical preparations. At the same time CaliVita ® International makes use of folk medicine traditions, dating back hundreds and even thousands of years. Unique - and at the same effective and safe products we offer - a result of successful combination of modern science and age-old traditions. Among the active ingredients of our products are among others Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, plant extracts - chosen so that their synergistic effect have a greater impact on maintain good health, and in particular to increase the
immunity of the body.

Absorption and efficacy of dietary supplements can be enhanced by using BioHarmonex® - a CaliVita ® Electronics device. Bioresonance is a light of hope for the future of scientific medicine as it stimulates the self-regeneration, affecting the fundamental processes of the body. BioHarmonex ® device, in accordance with the fundamental principles of biophysics, can support the optimal functioning of the body, as well as complement other therapies.

CaliVita ® International products are manufactured in the United States with natural ingredients, using the latest technology in accordance with good manufacturing practice (GPM), which guarantees the highest quality. Appropriate certificates of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) ensure the safety of products. CaliVita ® International provides 100% guarantee for the quality of all products.

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