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One diet programme. The easy-to-follow 2-week diet

One Diet Programme

The easy-to-follow 2-week diet

How about a programme that makes you feel better and fitter and helps you to have more energy? How about running up the stairs as fast as you used to rather than being exhausted by about 4 p.m. like you do most of the time these days? How do you feel about shaping up and having a toned body? Are you ready to get into the habit of exercising and working out regularly? Can you picture yourself enjoying your meals as part of a healthy and balanced diet?  

Effective slimming

What do say to that? Do you like the idea?  If yes, then CaliVita’s one diet programme gives you the opportunity to make it all real.

We have designed a 14 day programme for you, which is:

  • easy to follow,
  • simple and
  • flexible, which
  • doesn’t allow you to starve yourself and
  • provides you with sufficient amounts of carbs, protein and fibre; and which
  • can be followed as a long term programme.

In order to feel good about yourself, to be confident, balanced and pleasant, you should start working on yourself first. But don’t worry, the methodology  we have developed for you and CaliVita’s dietary supplements for two weeks are there to support you on the road towards success. Here is a short summary of what we recommend and why:

Shake One. Your 14-day diet is based on a delicious protein shake.

Burn One has been included in this programme precisely to accelerate your metabolism and thereby boost your energy.

Pure Inulin (powder) or Nopalin (tablets). As a cornerstone of a healthy diet, you should make sure that your body gets enough fibre.
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