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About Calivita Club

group of young peopleAbout the Calivita Club

Calivita Club is a club of people whose health for themselves and their families is a top priority. The modern world brings with it many civilization risks almost at the same time makes us to fast lifestyle. Is not conducive to our health and well being. Taking care of your health Calivita has created  supplements based only on natural ingredients. They help to get rid of many diseases and inconvenience plaguing our health. Joining the Calivita club You can buy these supplements at lower club price, about 30% cheaper. The Calivita company makes it possible for club members, because it is convinced of the excellent quality of the products. This is confirmed by hundreds of thousands of clubbers from all over Europe. Therefore Calivita club is nothing but a program created by a company that promotes satisfied customers. Customers who got rid of their health problems, want to keep fit and want to help other people in their health problems.

As a club member in addition to financial bonuses, you get other benefits. Before you read about the benefits, you should know of one VERY IMPORTANT thing.

As a club member you have no responsibilities. You are not forced to purchase regular or buying certain products. You buy what you want, when you want and in such amounts as you want! Membership in the club is valid for one year, to extend the membership you should make the purchase once a year. If you do not, your membership simply expires. Without any consequences!

AdvantagesAdvantages of being in the club:
- The opportunity to purchase at a club price directly from Calivita

- You can order products from the European catalog. Not all products are available in Poland
and other countries for retail customers

Purchasing more you get additional discounts and purchasing even cheaper

- Being satisfied with the product you can recommend
it to your friends and family. This will increase your discount even more and sometimes it can turn into a business and additional income.

- Calivita company often organizes corporate events as well as consultations with doctors and health-related lectures. You can participate in expanding your knowledge about
your own health

- You can receive ordered products in company stores in selected cities - without paying shipping costs

- You will also receive a free one-year subscription of company publications CaliNews and Health & Nutrition - containing information about healthy living and how to deal with complaints.

Calivita penHow to join the club?

To join the club just to place an order for a minimum amount in the club prices in any of the Calivita distributor (such as on this page). The order will be sent to the Calivita company. After placing an order, directly from the Calivita company you will receive ordered products and starter pack containing:

- Fully illustrated catalog describing all products
- The current edition of the magazine CaliNews
- A DVD with information about the company, as well as organized

- Book "New Quality of Life" shows how to pay less for products or to create your own profitable business base

To become a Calivita club member place your order and enjoy all the advantages of being in the club!

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