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Water Ionizer and Filter

Aquarion is a high performance water filtering device that produces ionised alkaline or acidic water, rich in oxygen but free from heavy metals and toxic substances, in grades set by the user. Our diet, most food industrial additives and certain medications can result in the acidification of the body. Ionised water can alkalinise the body very well and it also has antioxidant effects.
magnetic descaler

The base material of GoldMAX® magnetic limescale remover is neodymium, the strongest known magnetic substance. During the magnetic treatment the crystal structure and charge of the minerals change so the magnet prevents their setting; what is more, previously accumulated deposits can also be dissolved and removed from the systems. This way you can use natural energy, without the necessity of using aggressive chemicals, to prevent the formation of limescale deposits in the water pipes, which would provide a habitat for fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms.
1x E-Protect Disc, 1x E-Protect Card and 2x E-Protect Stickers

Use at least one Disc in every place where you are surrounded by EMF.
1x E-Protect Card, 2 x E-Protect Stickers

The E-Protect Card works best when kept near the body.

Anti-Electrosmog family

The E-Protect Sticker must be applied directly onto your electronic device. On the back of your phone, on your laptop, monitor, microwave oven, dashboard of your car, etc.. Make sure to apply one onto each device you use.
BioHarmonex® is a device, operating according to the principles of biophysics, more precisely bioresonance, which was developed specifically for home use.
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