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Aquarion - High quality water filter and ionizer You deserve

Aquarion water ionizer and filter
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Additional discount: When buying the Aquarion device, each customer will receive an additional extra discount on an individual customer account - about 240 € - for shopping CaliVita products in the next months. While immediately when you buy the device you receive an extra 5% discount! (79.25 €)


Aquarion Filter 1 piece

Aquarion Water Ionizer and Filter

The device AQUARION is a high-powered water filtering apparatus, which produces ionized, oxygen rich, heavy metal and toxin free water. The acidity or alkalinity can be adjusted on an individual basis. It can be used for different purposes. Ionized alkaline water is an antioxidant and due to its alkalizing effect can offer several benefits for our body. Acidic water is for external use only.

Research suggests that ionized alkaline water is an anti-oxidant, useful in scavenging free radicals from the body. Free radicals are unstable atoms with unpaired electrons that steal electrons from other atoms, causing them in turn to become free radicals. The cell damage cause by this chain reaction of free radicals (called oxidation) is gaining credence among many scientists as the root cause of aging.

Ionized alkaline water may also be useful in restoring a healthy metabolic acid-base balance, as foods, food additives and medications may shift the pH balance of the body towards the acidic.

Ionized acidic water may be beneficial for external, topical applications. It can help support healthy skin, and keep the pores free of impurities. It has been used against foot and nail fungus, and in Japan has been used to some effect against wounds and burns.

Water molecules tend to bond together in clusters which average 12 to 18 individual molecules or more. Ionized water tends to form smaller clusters, usually averaging about 6 molecules. The smaller cluster may enhance cellular absorption, and help improve the hydrating effect of water.

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Alkaline water from Aquarion - the high end water ionizer and filter

The highest quality water filtering device. But this is not a standard filter, because in traditional devices there is no possibility of ionization and individual pH setting. Excellent quality multi-stage filter, in contrast to other devices pass concentrat major minerals, stopping unfavorable for example chlorine.

Aquarion unique high-end device offers us not only crystal clear water but also ionized and broken into smaller molecular clusters.

AQUARION is a special apparatus for water purification and ionization. Aquarion produce ionized water, rich in oxygen, without impurities, heavy metals and toxins. On the control panel you can determine the acidity or alkalinity of water and use it for various purposes. Alkaline ionized water is an antioxidant and by alkalizing properties has a beneficial effect on our body. Acidic water can only be used externally.

Living organisms are composed in 75-98% of water, which plays a key role in maintaining health. Therefore, water is not only an important substance, but also an important element of the extremely delicate fluid and electrolyte balance of the body. It also acts in a number of other programs: assist in the absorption of nutrients, detoxify harmful products of metabolism plays an important role in the maintenance of body temperature (evaporation, sweating), protects our most important organs and regulates electrons and protons quantity in cells.

Device AQUARION produce ionized water in the initial multi-stage filtration of tap water and the electrolysis. As a result of these processes, we obtain ionized alkaline water or acid water at different pH levels.

The cost of 1 bottle (1.5l) of good mineral water is about 0,6 EURO
Four people family drink average of 15-25 bottles a week. It costs about 500 - 800 EURO a year!
The costs of purchasing the Aquarion will be refunded within 3-4 years, which is 1/6 of the device life (about 20 years).
Of course, you have other invaluable non-financial factors - health, real healthy water, safety and security.

Most food, some supplements and medicines change the pH of the body in the acidic direction, ie acidify the body. Ideally, our body is able to cope with this by utilizing appropriate alkaline reserves. However, prolonged acidification of the body can cause serious health problems. Alkalised ionized water perfectly alkalizes the body and helps maintain a good acid-base balance.


  • Cleansing without losing the most important micronutrients
  • Ionization of water according to needs
  • Disintegration of water into smaller casters facilitating the absorption, transport of nutrients and oxygen
  • Oxidation - so every cell of the body can function better. Invaluable for people after a stroke or  heart attack and others where the oxygenation of specific body parts or body organ plays a decisive role!
  • Sets the pH value
  • Regulates the water pressure
  • It has its own diagnostic system
  • Guarantee of the highest quality
  • Prophylaxis of many diseases, cleansing the body
  • High performance and economy of the device. Durability of about 20 years. One filter suffices for about 4 thousand liters of water.
Alkaline water from Aquarion
Aquarion control panel
What exactly is water and what is the difference between the water from Aquarion device!?

Water is a compound consisting of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. These atoms interact with each other to form a V-shaped molecule

atom of water

These particles, by positive and negative charges, always form an unstable network:

Network of alkaline water

The layout of this network, or clustering, is very important to our body

Traditional water
water clusters
12-18 molecules of water
Ionized water
water clusters
6 molecules of water

In the scientific world, the concept of crystallization of various molecules is very well known. This is also done with water. The quality of the crystal always demonstrates the quality of water, arrangement of molecules and purity. Below the pictures of water crystals from different parts of the world:

water crystals
Water crystals from Los Angeles, Denver and London
water crystals
Water crystals from New York City, Dallas and Paris

Very famous Japanese photographer of crystals (Emoto) photographed a crystal made on the basis of ionized water from Aquarion. Below the result:

Today acidification of the body is a standard for everyone!

When the child is born and consumes milk in the form of mother's milk has a basic pH of the body

With every year of our life our body is becoming more acidified. Organism always strives to level the environment to the right level. Not many people realize that it uses calcium, sodium, potassium or magnesium from its only source - the bone! Acidification is also the cause of many cancers, kidney stones and generates a large amount of free radicals. It is a cause of osteoporosis, diabetes and recurrent infections.
Acid alkaline
Acidifying and alkalizing products
Free radicals

These particles, which are the cause of most diseases and tumors, are created in our body every day. The way we live today, processed food, pollution or stress generates a huge amount of free radicals, which exceeds our ability to neutralize them.

Did you know that, for example, only one breath of cigarette smoke is a trifle 1000 000 000 000 free radicals! Did you know that every cell of our body a day is attacked about 10,000 times by free radicals.

These are incredibly reactive molecules that damage cell membranes, cell structures or DNA, causing most cancers. They are also one of the main causes of oxidation of good cholesterol, which is caused by the formation of atheromatous plaques. Ionized water acts as an antioxidant, very effectively protecting cells from the harmful effects of free radicals, neutralizing them at the cellular level.
Free radicals

In the course of ionization of water - the production of alkaline water, oxygen remaining on the alkaline side binds only 1 hydrogen and will have 1 free charge. It is therefore able to bind and neutralize free radicals (having a shortage of charge) in the body.

What is alkaline electrolyzed – reduced water?

You can get alkaline/acidic electrolyzed-reduced water by electrolyzing the water after filtering impurities. Alkaline reduced water is the optimal water for health because it is rich in minerals including calcium. Acidic water is good for skin.

Some uses for the different levels of Alkaline water

uses for alkaline water - level 1For initial consumption period (4-7 days).
Let your body adjust slowly to the increase in pH.
Many people find that this lower level is actually perfect for them.

uses for alkaline water - level 2After the adjustment period you can drink the water at this next level.
This level is also great for cooking rice and other grains – fluffier and great tasting!

uses for alkaline water - level 3Some people like this for drinking though it can start to taste strong
It is superb for making tea or coffee as it enhances the taste and reduces bitterness!

uses for alkaline water - level 4Generally most people find this very strong tasting and with powerful detoxifying effects.
Great for boiling vegetables! Alkaline water will eliminate the bitter taste and brings out more of their natural color.

What would I use the Purified water for?

uses for purifed waterThe pH of Purified water is neither raised nor lowered and would be the same as your tap water.
This water is simply cleaned of impurities by the advanced filtration system.
You can use it both as drinking water and to take medications with.

Some uses for the different levels of Acidic water

uses for acidic water - level 1The Acid water has both antiseptic and antibacterial properties.
It also has an astringent effect and can be used for cosmetic purposes.

uses for acidic water - level 2Use it while brushing your teeth,
gargle with it and use it as a natural mouth wash!

uses for acidic water - level 3It is an excellent astringent;
use it for washing your face or as a natural after shave.

uses for acidic water - level 4In the kitchen use it to help clean kitchen utensils
This setting has sterilizing properties - use it to sterilize cutting boards, dish towels etc…
Why the Aquarion is the world’ s most advanced ionizer

Automatic dynamic flow system employing patented SOL valves

A revolutionary new automatic dynamic flow system employing patented SOL valves.

With the SOL valve system, your ionizer produces top quality alkaline water without the separate cleaning cycle of every other ionizer. The SOL valve system keeps desirable flow levels and pressure which prevents scale build up and protects from overloading the electrolysis cell.
This feature also reduces the amount of flow from the Acidic drain line.
5-layered platinum-titanium electrodes
5-layered platinum-titanium electrodes

After the adjustment period you can drink the water at this next level.
This level is also great for cooking rice and other grains – fluffier and great tasting!

Triple diaphragms
Triple diaphragms

Unique diaphragms made of natural pulp coated with PE and processed with surfactants keep pH, ORP and ion exchanges between acid and alkaline uniform despite changes in pressure, flow amount or velocity. They prevent scale buildup by employing a new material called fremion.
Mountain range-like specialized electrodes
Mountain range-like specialized electrodes

When a cross section of an electrode is examined at 700 times magnification, you can see that the electrodes have very sharp points and form valleys.
Your ionizer employs special electrodes that generate reduced water with optimal ORP and stable pH level.
Top quality 9 step single-body nano-silver multi-stage filter
Top quality 9 step single-body nano-silver multi-stage filter

Premium filter materials ensure production of healthier and cleaner water, trapping a wide variety of contaminants while allowing beneficial minerals to pass through.

One-touch ON/OFF water supply
One-touch ON/OFF water supply

Unlike the ionizers with a manually controlled water supply, where users must constantly check the flow rate, your ionizer has patented SOL valves which automatically control the flow rate. This ensures you ease of use and optimal operation - no guess work involved!
Water select ion and mode indicators of Aquarion

Aquarion ionizer has an attractive colored FND display

Aquarion ionizer has an attractive colored FND display that easily identifies your selections.

Easy to understand symbols and colors identify the type and level of water you have selected on the machine.

Aquarion voice indicator

Voice Indicator

A voice alerts you to your selection of alkaline, acidic or purified water.

You can adjust the volume level or simply switch the sound ON/OFF as you desire.

Aquarion ionizer pH settings

9 settings for pH

Wide choice range of pH. Enhanced convenience with One-Touch operation

External and internal filter

The device is equipped with filters to ensure the highest quality of water. Filters also remove odors, chlorine and toxins.


  • The first mechanical filter will filter out any impurities


  • A 0.01 micron filter to purify water even from viruses and bacteria

A multi-layer inner filter is consisting of:

  • Silver activated carbon
  • Fiber layers
  • Tourmaline

Construction of Aquarion filter

Aquarion filter

Filters do not stop elements such as calcium, magnesium, potassium. These elements are most important in the alkalinity of food that is acidifying our body. Due to the presence of tourmaline, it naturally ionizes water. This process is multi-stage.


All processes related to water distribution and its proper formation or charging occurs in the water chamber between two titanium-platinum electrodes. Thanks to the use of more expensive than gold platinum, the device has the highest possible corrosion resistance. In addition, the titanium layer provides an extremely long  life service of up to about 20 years. The device also features a patented automatic electrode cleaning system, whereby we can receive alkaline or acidic water even when the cleaning process is ongoing in the background.
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