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Join the Pharmavita group

Pharmavita is also a group of independent stores and pharmacies across Europe. Participation in it is a number of benefits:

Why join the group Pharmavita?

  • producer prices: placing the order by Pharmavita you will receive ordered products at factory prices with no additional overhead. Also gain access to additional discounts and other producer promotions.

  • unique offer: Along with a healthy lifestyle program CaliVita ® has developed a unique offer to run an independent business, CaliVita ® International is a unique offer that supports your business.

  • support: Pharmavita will support each partner in the effective implementation of business Calivita ® objectives. Pharmavita also provides support to all members of the group through the websites belonging to the group.

  • help: joining the group Pharmavita can count on us, we are happy to answer your questions. Pharmavita also helps in creating partners independent websites and placing direct links to their sites.

  • more profit: Pharmavita developed a special program for pharmacies, the implementation of which provides increased turnover at the pharmacy. The program is available for pharmacies joining the group and does not require any financial resources beyond the time devoted to the implementation of the Programme.

Download the folder
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If you are interested in participating in the group order a starter kit online remember to choose Company as registration type. or fill out the form below . We shall immediately contact you.

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