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Chewable Omega 3 lemon flavour

Calivita Chewable Omega 3
Fruits of the Sea
100 softgels capsules

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Chewable Omega 3 - the purest Omega 3 essential fatty acids

Chewable Omega 3

flavored chewable Omega 3

Essential fatty acids

Many researchers wonder if there is a relationship between diet and the cardiovascular system. And if there is, what is it? Scientists Bang, Dyerberg and their colleagues found that in the Inuit population of western Greenland, cardiovascular problems are less common. Their diets are particularly rich in fish and other seafood - high in protein, fat and low in cholesterol. But the societies of highly developed countries in Europe and America also consume large amounts of protein and fats, and yet problems with the cardiovascular system appear there to a much greater extent. How do you explain that? The difference is that Inuit food is rich in proteins and marine fats, especially omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. By eating fish, Eskimos ingest at least 10 times more omega-3 fatty acids than people living in highly developed countries. Among the essential fatty acids omega-3, eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) play the most important role.

How do omega-3 fatty acids work?

  • EPA and DHA acids support the proper functioning of the heart - a beneficial effect occurs when consuming 250 mg of EPA and DHA daily.
    DHA acid also helps to maintain the proper functioning of the brain and proper vision - a beneficial effect occurs when consuming 250 mg of DHA daily.

Purified omega-3 fatty acids

The new innovative formula of the product contains the ideal proportions of EPA: DHA fatty acids (3: 2), with a reduction in the proportion of other fatty acids in 1 capsule.

Chewable Omega 3 is produced by the molecular distillation method, which ensures greater product stability and obtaining a very pure and concentrated oil, without losing valuable properties of the raw material.

A new taste experience with Chewable Omega 3 for consumption wherever you are, any time.

Feel a refreshing lemon note as you suck or chew Chewable Omega 3 CaliVita® capsules. Thanks to the explosion of flavor and fun form, Chewable Omega 3 will become your family's favorite product! You can supplement them wherever you are - on the bus, in the office, in the queue ... without having to drink water!

How does omega 3 work and to whom is it recommended?

  • People who want to support the proper functioning of the heart.
  • Students in the period of intensified study and work.
  • Everyone who wants to help their concentration.
  • People looking for support for the organ of sight.
  • People who are on a diet during a slimming treatment.
  • People who eat irrationals.
  • Women during pregnancy and breastfeeding (after consulting a doctor).

Did you know that ... Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids support learning processes and increase concentration. DHA is necessary for the functioning of rhodopsin and its concentration in the external rods of the retina, which is closely related to visual acuity.

food supplement Calivita: Chewable Omega 3

100 softgels capsules


1 softgel daily

Chewable Omega 3 ingredients

600mg Fish oil
180mg EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid)
120mg DHA (docosahexaenoic acid)

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The product is available in special offer
Chewable Omega 3
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