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ParaProteX – Help against intruders

Calivita ParaProteX
Herb based formulas
100 tablets

food supplement

Parasites – worms, bacteria, fungi, viruses – are continuously present in our environment. Some of them are useful (e.g. bacteria) while others may be harmful to our body. They can go unnoticed for a long time and by the time we notice anything, there is already a problem. ParaProteX may offer effective help against parasites that cause a series of discomforts.
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dried herbs
Plant ingredients of Paraprotex

ParaProteX - cleansing the body of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites

Antiparasitic and antifungal formula

To whom and when do we recommend it?

Antiparasitic and antifungal formula

Parasites – worms, bacteria, fungi, viruses – are continuously present in our environment. Some of them are useful (e.g. bacteria) while others may be harmful to our body. They can go unnoticed for a long time and by the time we notice anything, there is already a problem. ParaProteX may offer effective help against parasites that cause a series of discomforts.

Body detox

Why is it worth supporting the cleansing (detox) of the body

The intense pace that accompanies us every day means that we more and more often eat irregularly and do not follow the principles of rational nutrition. Few people wonder what the effects of such a lifestyle will be. After all, the digestive tract is not only a place of digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. It is also the largest and most complicated part of our immune system, which is constantly in contact with a huge amount of various harmful factors from the outside world, including microbiological factors, toxins.

Did you know that the average person's body can accumulate as much as 8 kg of harmful substances in just one year! Toxins accumulated in the body, including hinder fat burning, adversely affect metabolism, limit the absorption of vitamins and minerals valuable for health.

ParaProteX is a set of valuable plant ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the physiological functions of the body.

Plant active ingredients supporting the cleansing of the body

There are several aromatic herbs, oils and fruits in nature that have shown immune system strengthening properties. Such substances may be helpful in protecting the body against unwanted parasites.

Rangoon Creeper is a flowering plant indigenous to India. Its fruit and seeds have long been used in traditional eastern medicine for its antiseptic and antihelmintic (antiparasite) properties.

Wormseed is an annual flowering plant native to Central and South America, that both the Aztecs and Mayas used to expel intestinal worms (hence its name). Wormseed has also shown to have antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

The active agent in Barberry is the alkaloid berberine, which has demonstrated some antibiotic properties and may help to inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria.

Myrrh is the resin of a Middle Eastern shrub Commifora myrrha. It has been used since ancient times as a tonic to improve the circulation, and was thought to beneficially affect the liver and spleen. In modern pharmacology, myrrh is most often used in mouthwashes and toothpaste for its antiseptic properties.

The oil from the aromatic spice Cloves contains eugenol, a substance that has shown antihelmintic, antiseptic and painkilling properties. There are indications that cloves also help support intestinal functioning and proper elimination.

The bark of the South American tree Pau D’Arco contains over 20 active compounds, and some tests have indicated that some of these compounds may have antibiotic, and antifungal effects.

Very rich in vitamins and mineral, Garlic has also demonstrated strong antimicrobial properties. In popular medicine, it has been applied for centuries against parasites possibly living in the intestines.

Grapefruit seed
It is an extremely powerful antiseptic agent; however it does not damage the environment. And unbelievably, it is mild on friendly intestinal bacteria.

ParaproteX, due to its ingredients, has a stimulating effect on digestion as well, and can be an excellent supplement for detoxifying regimes.

How do the active ingredients of ParaProteX work?

  • are the body's natural defense against external threats (Pau D'Arco bark extract)
  • play an important role in the proper functioning of organs responsible, among others, for detoxification, such as the liver (garlic), kidneys (Pau D'Arco bark extract)
  • strengthen the body's defenses (garlic)
  • help to maintain the proper microbiological balance in the intestines (garlic, grapefruit seed extract)
  • have a positive effect on the proper functioning of the digestive system (barberry extract, clove root oil)
  • support the secretion of digestive enzymes (barberry extract)
  • take care of the respiratory system (garlic)
  • have a positive effect on the functioning of the circulatory system (garlic) and blood vessels (Pau D'Arco bark extract)
  • protect cells and tissues against damage caused by oxidation (Pau D'Arco bark extract)

In addition, the preparation also contains Rangoon creeper fruit, Wormseed powder, Myrrh Gum, and powdered black walnut and walnut oil.

Who do we recommend Paraprotex to?

  • During body cleansing.
  • People who want to cleanse the digestive tract and support its functioning.
  • In order to maintain the proper microbiological balance of the body.
  • People who want to be immune.
  • People who eat irrationals.

Did you know that ... barberry extract additionally supports intestinal peristalsis, and clove seed oil cares for the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems?

food supplement Calivita: ParaProteX

100 tablets


3x1-2 tablets daily with meal

ParaProteX active ingredients

Rangoon Creeper Fruit 150 mg
Wormseed Powder 100 mg
Myrrh Gum 50 mg
Pau D'Arco extract (4:1) 50 mg
Barberry extract (std. 6% alkaloids) 50 mg
Clove oil 50 mg
Walnut oil 37.5 mg
Black Walnut powder 37.5 mg
Grapefruit Seed Extract 25 mg
Garlic powder 12.5 mg

150mg Rangoon Creeper Fruit
100mg Wormseed Powder
50mg Pau D'Arco extract (4:1)
50mg Barberry extract (std. 6% alkaloids)
37.5mg Walnut oil
37.5mg Black Walnut powder
25mg Grapefruit Seed Extract
12.5mg Garlic powder
  • You should consult with a qualified medical practitioner before taking any supplement.
  • This product is intended for adults only, and should not be taken during pregnancy or nursing. Herbs are not a substitute for proper medical treatment.
  • In case of health problems related to parasites, visit your doctor immediately! Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.
  • Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced mixed diet. Keep out of reach of young children.

Keywords: ParaProteX, Calivita, purification, resistance, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, skin lesions, eczema, parasites, necrosis, fights bacteria, viruses, fungi.

food supplement against parasites

ParaProteX is a natural protective preparation designed to provide effective help against parasites that cause a number of ailments. Parasites - worms, bacteria, fungi, viruses are constantly present in our environment. Some of them are beneficial (such as bacteria), while others may be harmful to our body. They can go unnoticed for a long time, but before we know it, they can cause health problems. Especially today, when we rarely think about the consequences of the intense pace of our lives, in which it is difficult to get regular, healthy meals. An unhealthy lifestyle puts a lot of strain on our digestive tract, which in addition to digestive functions plays an extremely important role as part of our immune system. After all, the digestive system is the body's first line of defense, which daily comes into contact with a huge number of various external threats and harmful factors, including microbiological ones. Such imbalances can cause many ailments ...

Natural ingredients

There are several aromatic herbs, oils, and fruits in nature that have shown immune-boosting properties. These substances can be of great help in protecting the body against unwanted parasites. That is why ParaProteX contains a plant with a strong anti-inflammatory and disinfecting effect.

The plant ingredients of the product, thanks to the antiseptic and cleansing substances, have a significant effect on improving immunity, strengthen the body by providing it with valuable vitamins and minerals, and restore the balance at the intestinal level, thus providing immune cells with proper conditions for self-regeneration. The ingredients of the preparation also turn out to be very helpful in cleansing diets.

Wisdom and power of nature in one unique product

ParaProteX components are helpful in:
  • Hard-to-heal skin lesions,
  • The parasites, destroys the bacteria causing wound infections: Staphylococcus (purulent boils)
  • Streptococci (measles, tonsillitis)
  • Necrotizing place (gout, diabetes)
  • Microorganisms that cause infections of genito - urinary,
  • Destroys parasites, gastrointestinal tract (gut and liver and Helicobakter, dysentery, cholera)
  • Bacteria and fungi, giardia, worms, tapeworm and other
  • Eliminates many varieties of virus (300) and fungi (100).

Disinfecting and anti-inflammatory action

It is in vain to look for a product containing such a rich compilation of plants with strong disinfecting and anti-inflammatory properties, the active ingredients of which would have the potential to eliminate the causes of health ailments, i.e. pathogenic fungi, viruses, bacteria and worms, whose toxic metabolic products poison the entire body. Such parasites often act selectively, frequent symptoms may include headaches and migraines as a consequence of an attack of the nervous system or the brain causing symptoms of mental illness. In more serious cases, infections cause excessive blood clotting and, consequently, a heart attack or stroke. Parasites also cause many skin diseases, and often attack internal organs, causing cysts, and then cancerous tumors. To sum up, the mere presence of parasites in the body disturbs homeostasis, i.e. the acid-base balance, which in the long run contributes to the development of many diseases.

Paraprotex for immunity

ParaProteX combines the power of natural vitamins and minerals with antiseptic plant ingredients. Their combined action promotes cleansing, thus improving the body's resistance to unwanted intruders. It is a very helpful product for the whole family and your relatives looking for a suitable remedy. ParaProteX is your first step to health! It has a beneficial effect on the body by naturally stimulating the immune system. ParaProteX restores balance at the intestinal level, restores homeostasis throughout the body, which results in an improvement in the overall condition and immunity of the body.

Which Calivita products to use with ParaProtex

It is worth ensuring that Paraprotex is always present in the home first aid kit, especially during long journeys to exotic countries. It is an excellent help during cleansing treatments. The recommended supplements for this product are in particular: Ac-Zymes and Nopalin

In the event that the microbiological balance is disturbed, plant ingredients cannot replace consultations with a doctor.

ParaProteX – Help against intruders

Paraprotex - Natural defense against intruders
Did you know that you may encounter several million parasites every day? How do you protect yourself against them? By washing hands or by airing the room frequently? We tend to think that the human immune system is weakened in winter than at other times of the year but we should remember that our body is exposed to attack from different bacteria, viruses and fungi all year round. Although there are microorganisms that live in symbiosis with us there are some that may be definitely harmful to our health and hence it makes sense to protect ourselves against them.

Rangoon creeper

The launch of our formula ParaProteX on the market was preceded by lengthy research, and it is not by chance that since its development it has steadily been one of the most successful products of our company.

By creating
, our unconcealed aim was to help the protection of our body against those parasites we may come into contact with on a daily basis.
Among its active ingredients there are such well-known components like grapefruit seed oil, garlic, walnut, clove, while we also added such useful herbs, which have been used in traditional medicine successfully thousands of years long, for example Rangoon creeper, myrrh, barberry as well as pau d’arco.

Let us briefly look at how these ingredients individually contribute to the success of our formula.

Rangoon creeper is a plant indigenous to India, which is used in traditional medicine particularly in viral seasons, while they also make healing paste out of its leaves.


Clove acts as a powerful antioxidant, while common walnuts due to their iodine content may aid protection against parasites. In addition, the former strengthens the stomach and in traditional medicine is also used for internal cleansing.

Our other herbal ingredient, which is also a powerful cleanser, is grapefruit seed, more precisely its oil, the further advantage of which is that it may not damage friendly intestinal bacteria.

Pau d’arcoPau d’arco contains significant amounts of vitamins and minerals. In traditional medicine it is used mainly in viral seasons and it may also help the protection of the body in fungal environments.

BarberryBarberry has purifying effects that may help the resistance of the body in bacterial environments. It boosts the immune system as its fruit contains vitamin C, and different trace elements and minerals.

Myrrh is rich in potassium, sodium, silicon, zinc and chlorine and may help to eliminate waste products from the body. It protects and helps the functioning of the liver, and it may strengthen our digestive system.

Some of the most ancient manuscripts refer to the use of garlic by Egyptian soldiers to help their health stay in good condition. It is an excellent choice to help purify the body, as it is an antioxidant that stimulates the immune system and it may also help preserve our health in fungal and bacterial environments. Some of our grandparents have applied it successfully when they had colds, due to its main active ingredient, allicin, which has antibiotic effects. Its consumption stimulates digestion and reduces the extent of cholesterol adherence on blood vessel walls.

I am sure you have already seen some products on the market which are built on only one of the above- mentioned, well-known ingredients. But why would you choose them over one product where you can find everything in one tablet, in a unique combination?

Try our product ParaProteX as soon as possible, and you will see that our dietary supplement will become a constant part of your home remedy treatment.


Taking the formula can be no substitute for medical examinations and consultation. If you notice the presence of intestinal worms or other parasites, seek medical advice immediately.

Optimal path of life with ParaProteX

In our body can be found two types of tenant. To some we do not charge rent because we need them and with them, we live in a harmonious life - symbiosis. So, in physiological conditions they allow us normal metabolism, enzyme activity and digestion, nutrient absorption and elimination of undigested residues. Allow the acid-base reaction in the entire digestive tract (stomach acid and base in the small intestine), and therefore the optimal path of life. We call them saprophytic bacteria and fungi.

Other tenants are the ones we do not want, but they are constantly coming and unfortunately in most cases remain and we are trying to solve them. These are pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and various other parasites. They come into the body through the respiratory mucosa, inhalation of bacteria or spores, through the digestive tract if swallowed adult parasites or their eggs, or through the skin. Depending on immunity, healthy eating some of them the organism can beat. The reality is rarely so ideal. Today, our body has rather weak immunity, and the food we eat is quite unhealthy - dairy products, sweets, fat and white flour that form mucus in the digestive tract and together form the ideal environment for the growth, development and reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms and parasites. And of course you do not want to leave such a "perfect" world and are struggling to stay there. So they came up with good tricks that our organism does not recognize. Hid themselves in macrophages that are actually supposed to destroy them, changes in the antigenic structure on its surface, so the immune system does not "see" or they surround themselves by a shield composed of the host debris cells so the body recognizes them as its own structure. To make matters even worse, destroy  saprophytic microorganisms or allow pathogenic bacteria to over-proliferate and themselves become serious problem.

It ruled the world of parasites?

Most of us believe that the parasites are something that happens to someone else. We do not see them with the naked eye and in some way do not perceive them as a genuine threat. Is it really so?

Unfortunately, the reality is completely different - people are hosts more than 100 different species of parasitic organisms, and it is estimated that about 80% of the world population affected by some form of parasitic infection. Therefore, detoxification is one of the essential foundations of daily hygiene.

What are parasites?
The word parasite has Greek roots and means: one who eats with someone else's table. Indeed, they are predators who steal our nutrients, draining our bodies and create a breeding ground for the disease. They are complex creatures, and we divide them according to the structure, form, function and playback mode. Considering the size, parasites can be classified into single cell that are visible under a microscope, and multicellular organisms, which can be up to 6 meters in length. Celled parasites such as an amoeba called protozoa and they account for 70% of all parasites. Multicellular parasites are: helminths or nematodes (worms, worms), cestodes (tapeworms) and trematodes (fluke).

How the parasites enter the body?
There are many of ways of entering . The primary way to enter the body is through food and water, but the egg of parasites are everywhere, and we need to be aware of the fact that they present in our living space, especially if you have pets. The eggs are microscopically small, and it can seamlessly enter the body through a variety of social contacts (handling, public transport, drinking from inadequately cleaned glasses, swimming in lakes and rivers, through school sponges, contact with pets, etc.). In addition, the prevalence of parasites today favors the uncontrolled import and consumption of food from different parts of the world and its lack of control. There is also the problem of international travel, migration caused by wars, excessive use of antibiotics and drugs that reduce immunity, promiscuous behavior, unresolved problem of landfills in large cities etc.
In the book The drug against HIV and AIDS, Dr. Hulda Clark highlights the problem of the modern world, which is reflected in the fact that many products that we consume as food or use externally to the skin are contaminated by solvents. They are used in numerous industrial and technological processes, and it was revealed that facilitate the eggs of parasites easily clip in our body.

The parasites cause many problems!
Known expert Dr. Hazel Parcells says: Without exaggeration, parasites are the most toxic that exists in our body, and many other distinguished experts linked the problem of parasitism with numerous health problems that do not have a diagnosis. Living and reproducing in the body of the host, parasites steal nutrients of the host, emit toxic substances that burden the kidneys, liver and immune system. The symptoms are many - bloating, constipation, diarrhea, malabsorption and consequently fatigue, apathy, depression, memory impairment. Parasites can irritate, perforate or cause inflammation of the intestinal mucous membrane, which results in hypersensitivity and food allergy, and a number of challenges for the function of the liver, kidneys and immune system. Parasites can cause inflammatory changes similar to arthritis, myalgia. They can reach any organ including the brain, and form a basis in the lung, liver, uterus, etc. Their toxins can cause damage to the central nervous system, and skin eczema, bursting, sores and dermatitis.

Parasites can be expelled!
Until the 30s of the last century it was common use natural cleaners parasites, mineral oils, medicinal herbs. Each ethnic group and region has had its resources and ways. More importantly, people should carry out parasites cleaning every 6 months. Today, the medical community, particularly in Europe, emphasize the need for cleaning of parasites. In doing so, advocates the use of plants with proven antiparasitic activity due to the fact that the classical suppressor drugs do not have such a wide range of activities such plants. Dr Hulda Clark points out that not every tool is equally well and effectively. An important feature of good antiparazitnog agent such as ParaProteX contain not only ingredients which act on the adult individual (eg. Garlic, grape seed oil, black walnut and the creeper Rangoon) but also the eggs of the parasite (eg, clove oil).
Paraprotex contains as many as 9 well-balanced plants with anthelmintic properties ensuring the successful removal of a wide range of parasites, and also strengthens the immune system.

ParaProteX composition and role

  1. Rangoon Creeper - it is beneficial for diarrhea and fever and destroys parasites.
  2. Wormseed helps eject all, especially children's worms.
  3. Barberry was known in ancient Egypt for treatment of fever and dysentery. It is a natural antibiotic and prevents infection.
  4. Myrrh resin - contains plenty of vitamins and minerals and has antibiotic and antiseptic effect
  5. Clove oil relaxes the muscles of the intestine and an anti-microbial and anti-fungal.
  6. Pau d'Arco (Tahibo) prevent and treat viral fungal and parasitic infections.
  7. Black walnut effect on diseases of the skin, mucous membranes, ejected parasites and worms from the body.
  8. The seeds of grapefruit preserve normal intestinal flora and has an antiseptic effect on skin infections, nails, nose and throat.
  9. Garlic has antibiotic properties and stimulates the immune system.

Frequent urinary and vaginal infections can never be cured without intestinal microflora which restore the balance. Through blood and lymph pathological bacteria constantly pass from the intestine into the genital tract. So ParaProteX operates on multiple fronts - detoxifying the body (blood, intestines, liver, kidneys), eliminates metabolic waste and creates favorable conditions for good digestion. From parasitic infection suffers more than 30% of the world population. The most common pathogens are fungi, parasites, amoebas, tapeworms, roundworms and ticks and mites.

The most common symptoms of parasites are: allergies, back pain, teeth grinding, inflammatory bowel disease, digestive problems, bloating, skin changes, disorders of mineral composition, insomnia, disorders of thyroid function and many others.

Before any supplementation or some therapy is recommended to clean the bowel. Clean body and intestines are fertile ground for improving and maintaining the immune system, and that means creating poor conditions for parasites.

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