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Natural vitamins

Natural Vitamins

After reading this article, you will learn: where vitamin deficiencies come from, what are natural vitamins, what is the difference in activity between natural and synthetic vitamins, what multivitamins choose  to enjoy good health.

Vitamin deficiencies
Nowadays, many diseases have their roots in vitamin deficiency, so it is particularly important to provide adequate daily amounts of vitamins. Each biochemical reaction in a cell requires the presence of the coenzyme, which component is a vitamin or mineral compound. For example - lack of only one of the vitamin B complex, blocking the course of one thousand biochemical reactions in each cell. However, there is never lack of a single vitamin in the body. Deficiencies always relate to several vitamins. Felt signs and symptoms are caused by the vitamin deficiencies, which are the most severe. The rest of the shortages and thus deteriorating health, we are not even aware of. Supplementing deficiencies of vitamins and minerals to the appropriate level, resulting in a noticeable improvement in mood and a faster return to health. It also prevents the occurrence of many diseases.

But such deficiency supplement is currently difficult and practically impossible for one reason:
More than 99% of the available vitamin and mineral preparations, due to its synthetic origin, is only slightly (to about 10%) used by the body. Therefore, even increasing the dose of synthetic vitamins above officially recommended dose, does not does not guarantee deficiency
complement, necessary to restore the proper functioning of the body at the cellular level.

Natural and synthetic vitamins

Natural vitamins in nature are present in fruits and vegetables. Therefore, good vitamin and mineral sets is practically concentrate of carefully selected plants rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other organic compounds. Full plant concentrates in tablet form contain in addition to natural vitamins and minerals, a full range of specific phyto-factor (substances accompanying vitamins in plants). Therefore, vitamins and minerals in the plant concentrates are 100% biologically active and fully utilized by the body. Natural vitamins and minerals in plant concentrates are about 10 times more effective than synthetic vitamins and have no side effects. They are also the only form of vitamins and minerals for oral use, which leads to permanent improvement of health and well-being. All these features ensure complementary of vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the body to a level that allows subjectively to feel it, improve well-being or improve the healing process.

FruitsFruits and vegetables whether multivitamin
According to a comparative study of the World Health Organization Nowadays, fresh fruits and vegetables contain smaller amounts of vitamins and minerals. The processing of these products (cooking, frying, braising) causes further loss of nutrients.
It is therefore appropriate to ask the question, what amounts of vitamins and minerals we consume, and whether these quantities satisfy the needs of our body?
Around the world CaliVita ® International promotes new in terms of quality lifestyle, which is now an integral part of - in addition to a healthy diet and regular physical activity - is the systematic use of dietary supplements.

Quality of products
This is why we recommend a full plant concentrates produced using the latest technology to ensure the highest pharmaceutical standards. Unique and at the same effective and safe products we offer is the result of a successful combination of modern science and age-old traditions. Calivita plant concentrates are produced by pharmaceutical law, based on natural raw, pharmaceutical class materials in the  pharmaceutical plants. They are manufactured in the United States by the well-known manufacturers of food supplements under the supervision of the U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration). FDA Certificate is a security guarantee of health preparations. Production of supplements, from raw materials of natural origin, carried out in accordance with the standards of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) allows for the best quality. This means that given on the vitamins and minerals packaging amount of vitamins and minerals is a 100% active as the active ingredient in medicines. While in the synthetic supplements we do not know exactly how many vitamins work. This is usually about 10% of the amount stated on the packaging.
In the production of some products containing high doses of the active ingredient prolonged action technology - "timed release" has been applied. It provides a more effective and constant component level in the body, even for 10-18 hours. Minerals contained in our products are present in chelated form, which ensures maximum utilization by the body.

What set of vitamins choose

Natural vitamins are characterized by high bioavailability, the human body recognizes and assimilates natural vitamins in the quantities it needs, which contributes to the rapid, subjectively perceived human health and lifequality improvement. Effective and reasonable deficiency supplementing always contains multivitamins. Individual vitamin supplements increase the dose of that vitamin, which in relation to the noticeable symptoms, is not enough in multivitamin set. Multivitamin in the plant concentrate is the foundation of supplementation (ie, food complement with vitamins and minerals), leading to better health and well-being.

Full SpectrumFull Spectrum
This basic set of vitamin - mineral contained in one long-acting tablet, which ensures full use of the body throughout the day. In addition to the natural vitamins contain essential minerals and trace elements essential for our body. To increase the bioavailability the elements are in chelated connections - the most available form. Full Spectrum is the perfect multivitamin for people of all ages.

Senior FormulaSenior Formula
This is a proposition for seniors - a multivitamin that contains the right proportions of natural vitamins, minerals (as chelates). Senior Formula contains a specially selected plant extracts to improve the condition and efficiency of the older man.

Vital AVital - Perfect Multivitamin

If you want something more, this set is for you. Contains natural vitamins, well assimilable minerals in the form of chelates and plant extracts chosen in such a way to strengthen the weaknesses characteristic of your blood group. Vital is available in four types: Vital A, Vital B, Vital AB and Vital 0. Each set contains optimal composition determined on the basis of years of research and optimal diet for each blood type.

Among the active ingredients of our products are, inter alia, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes, plant extracts - chosen so that their synergistic effect have a greater impact on the maintaining of good health, and in particular to increase the immunity of the body.


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