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Removing toxins from the body

Why is it important to remove toxins from the body?

Every day we are exposed to a variety of toxic effects, both from external sources (exogenous) and internal (endogenous). The degree of toxicity depends on the dose of the substance, the frequency of its adoption and impact strength. Effective detoxification involves changes in diet and lifestyle. Eliminate sugar, coffee, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, and unnecessary use of chemicals, minimizes toxins. Drinking large amounts of water - best filtered and ionized water, increasing the amount of fiber and to include more fruits and vegetables in the diet and also the use of natural supplements are the basic steps in the process of detoxification.

What is a toxin?

Toxin can be called any substance that in any way has detrimental effect on normal physiological processes in the body. In the twenty-first age the risk of contact with a toxic substance is much higher than it was a few decades ago. There are many new, much stronger substance, not to mention the pollution of air, water, radiation and nuclear energy. We consume new kinds of chemicals, we take a lot of doses of various medicines, our diet is rich in more and more sugar and processed foods. In addition, we destroy our health, abusing synthetic sedatives or stimulants.

Liquid ChlorophyllGet rid of toxins!

The very process of removing harmful substances - or detoxification - is essential to good health.

In natural medicine for many years been used detoxifying green pigments - chlorophyll and its derivatives - chlorophyllin, obtained from natural sources, such as alfalfa. Currently, their effectiveness has been proven by many scientific studies that indicate that the substance may significantly reduce the risk of damage to the body caused by free radicals, chemical carcinogens and harmful radiation. The binding capacity of chlorophyll or chlorophyllin for potential carcinogens, reducing its absorption from the gastrointestinal tract and reduces the accumulation in tissues.

Chlorophyllins may also be used as an "internal deodorant" - affect the activity of proteins
digesting enzymes, inhibiting the formation of unpleasant odors. Preferably affect regeneration, creating a hostile environment for bacteria and accelerating wound healing.

• There has been no adverse effects
of chlorophyllin.
Chlorophyllin taken orally may cause green discoloration of urine or feces as well as yellow or black discoloration of the tongue.
• Sometimes you may experience nausea
after oral use of chlorophyllin - the preparation is flavored with peppermint oil.
• Taking chlorophyllin may falsify the guaiacol
test results (test for occult blood in the stool).
• Due to the detoxifying properties of chlorophyllin, do not apply it during pregnancy and lactation.
• In a study conducted on mice, chlorophyllin alleviated some of the side effects of the drug - cyclophosphamide.
• There were no cases of overdose.



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