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Beauty Formula

Beauty Formula

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Vitamin A

2500 I.U.

Vitamin C

30 mg

Vitamin B2

5 mg


30 mg

Vitamin B6

10 mg

Vitamin B12

10 mcg


30 mg


40 mg


10 mg


2 mg


50 mcg


100 mg


100 mg


77 mg

Wood horsetail extract (std.6% silicon)

90 mg

Organic nettle extract (4:1)

40 mg

Beautiful woman


Take 1 tablet daily.

Beauty Formula

90 δισκία συμπλήρωμα διατροφής

Το Beauty Formula είναι ένα πολύπλοκο προϊόν που περιέχει βιταμίνες, μέταλλα, αμινοξέα, κολλαγόνο και βότανα, τα ενεργά συστατικά του οποίου βοηθούν στη διατήρηση της υγιούς δομής των μαλλιών, του δέρματος και των νυχιών.

Beauty Formula - food supplement


Beauty Formula is a complex product containing vitamins, minerals, amino acids, collagen and herbs, whose active ingredients may help preserve the healthy structure of hair, skin and nails.

Radiant skin, strong nails, shiny hair? With the help of the up-to-date composition of Beauty Formula all these can be achieved even more easily.

beautiful woman in a chairOne of the main ingredients of the formula is silicon, which can be found in the body primarily in connective and supportive tissues. It helps keep skin flexible, makes nails resistant while rendering weak, brittle hair strong and shiny. Silicon is present in its natural form in the formula and also as the main active ingredient of one herbal component (wood horsetail).

Methionine and cysteine are so called sulfureous amino acids, which form the components of the collagen fibers of skin, and hence may promote the skin’s flexibility, and are also necessary to build up keratin, which makes up 95% of the structure of hair.

In addition, Beauty Formula contains vitamins, minerals and herbs. Vitamins A, B2, B3 and C and iodine ,besides their many other beneficial effects, are responsible for preserving the healthy structure of hair, skin and nails. Vitamin B6 participates in protein metabolism, while vitamin B12, among others, is one of the important participants of energy processes. Zinc supports not only the immune system but also the health of skin while copper plays an important role in the development and preservation of the color or pigmentation of skin and hair. Nettle is a herb that has been applied for a long time for making hair beautiful. It nourishes hair bulbs and strengthens hair. The formula also contains extra collagen for healthy and flexible skin.

The ingredients of Beauty Formula acting internally can be completed with the CaliVita Cosmetics products, the regular use of which may render your hair even more radiant, and your skin more fresh, firm and youthful.


  • Do not exceed the recommended daily intake.

  • Food supplements cannot substitute for a balanced mixed diet.

  • Keep out of reach of young children.

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Finally scalp without irritation

Dear Sirs,

I want to share my experience regarding the use of your product Beauty Formula. My scalp is very sensitive, even when I use  dermatologically tested shampoos, skin is prone to reactions to the sun (and personally I am a supporter of natural formula), and my hands are often in contact with water. So on the recommendation of friends I started using Beauty Formula. After two months of use, I went to the sea. As in previous years, I expected a reaction of the skin in the form of tiny blisters that itch terribly. Luckily, there was no expected changes. The nails have become stronger and shinier hair, scalp without irritation, and skin with no reaction to the sun. Amino acids, nettle, field horsetail and targeted vitamins and minerals, they scored hit. I am very happy and I will continue to use the Beauty Formula.

Best Regards from Zagreb,
Nina Savicevic

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