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Over 5,000 doctors recommend Calivita supplements
Calivita International produce and sell worldwide natural food supplements. All Calivita products meet high FDA and cGMP standards. Over 30 years Calivita products became very famous and popular. All because their quality and natural origin and come together with their high effectiveness.
Calivita best selling products are Ac-Zymes, Aquarion, Calcium Magnesium D3 & K2 MK-7, Gravital, Green Care, Liquid Chlorophyll, Nopalin, Ocean 21, Noni, OxyMax, Paraprotex, Pure Yuca,  Spirulina Chlorella, Stress Management, Rhodiolin, Virago.
All Calivita products are designed to complement needs of the body in a perfect way. In this way they work together to improve your health. Staying healthy with Calivita products you feel more energy to work and enjoy your life. Try new Calivita organic products like Organic Acai and Organic Noni.
Discover all exceptional Calivita products and choose your way to healthy lifestyle together with Calivita 100% natural food supplement and other amazing products.
How to purify body. Pick natural Calivita supplements. Ocean 21 deacidify body, Paraprotex fights parasites. OxyMax gives pure oxygen.

Organic Noni
Noni Calivita - natural noni juice for better health and vitality. Powerful help and best solution against deseases starting from allergy, diabetes even to cancers.

Aquarion best luxury water filter and ionizer. Health from the water in Your cup. Alkaline ionized water from Aquarion might be a miracle cure.

Free delivery.

To complement purifying treatment always use Ac-Zymes and Nopalin together with Calivita ParaProteX. In this way you'll keep healthy bowels.

Organic Acai

Calivita Organic Acai is a perfect product. It is powerful source of antioxidant. Boost metabolism so help to stay slim and keep good form.

Shake One
How to get slim. It is very easy now when You have Calivita One Diet pack.
Try effective weight loss with the new 14-day ONe Diet program from Calivita.
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NEW - Nordic Pure Omega 3 Liquid
NEW - Nordic Pure Omega 3 Liquid
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Replenish your mineral reserves with Calcium Magnesium PLUS!
During the holidays, it may happen that we get on bikes more often, spend time on the beach or do water sports with friends, we will certainly feel that our body needs much more energy.
Published by Calivita Partner - 1/7/2024
Advancements in Pharmaceutical Research: What’s on the Horizon?
Staying abreast of these developments is crucial for researchers, scientists, and companies aiming to lead in this competitive landscape. This article explores the emerging areas in pharmaceutical research, identifies the skills and qualifications needed, and discusses strategies for attracting top talent, including insights on hiring developers in Estonia and leveraging IT recruitment services.
Published by Partner - 23/5/2024
What Are the Risks and Benefits of Non-Surgical Eye Lifts?
In the quest for a youthful appearance, non-surgical eye lifts have emerged as a popular alternative to traditional cosmetic surgeries. These innovative treatments promise to rejuvenate the area around the eyes without the need for incisions, offering a less invasive option for those looking to shed years off their look.
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How do you get rid of a yeast infection on your scalp?
Yeast infection on the scalp can be a bothersome and uncomfortable condition, often causing itching, inflammation, and flaking. When seeking effective treatment options, it's important to consider methods that address both the underlying yeast overgrowth and associated scalp dryness. One approach to treating yeast infection on the scalp involves utilizing a dry scalp treatment. Dry scalp treatments are designed to alleviate dryness and flaking while creating an inhospitable environment for yeast growth.
Published by Partner - 3/4/2024
Summer Skin Care Secrets for Babies: Protecting Delicate Skin During Hot Days
Summer brings with it the joy of sunny days, outdoor play, and family vacations. However, the season also poses unique challenges for caring for your baby's delicate skin. High temperatures, intense sunlight, and even air-conditioned indoors can impact your little one's skin health. This article unveils essential summer skin care secrets to keep your baby's skin protected, hydrated, and happy during the hot days, ensuring their comfort and safety as they explore the vibrant world around them.
Published by Partner - 22/3/2024
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Calivita. Calivita International has many years of experience in production and distribution of dietary supplements. For 30 years Calivita products are available on the market. Now you can find Calivita supplements in best shops.
Natural products

We welcome you in Pharmavita site and invite you to read about Calivita natural products that are available at our business partners. On our website we present you top quality products, health education, natural food supplements and best cosmetics.

Calivita natural food supplements are the best combination of nature and technology. Calivita International natural products characterize by innovation and originality, as well as the safety and efficacy. This products in the last 25 years has gained recognition million customers worldwide.

Very important for us is the satisfaction of our customers, so that in our assortment are solely Calivita original products that can be purchased securely over the Internet or in Calivita shops and pharmacies.

Find out more about the highest quality and discover all natural Calivita products.
ParaProteX is a protective product that contains 10 herbs with strong anti-inflammatory and disinfectant effect. Eliminates the cause: pathogenic fungi, bacteria, viruses, and worms that produce toxic venom poisoning the whole body. ParaProteX is ideal during body purifying diet.
AC Zymes contains live cultures of Lactobacillus acidophilus, necessary for the protection of beneficial intestinal bacteria, reducing risk of toxins formation. Contained in AC-Zymes Lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria alleviate symptoms of allergies, diarrhea and skin diseases.
Stress Management
Stress Management and Rhodiolin a unique formulation of effective components necessary to overcome the daily stress. Rhodiolin contains a unique medicinal plant Rhodiola rosea with unusual adaptogenic properties.
Nopalin, an extract of prickly pear is a regulator of metabolism, a source of valuable fiber, effective for constipation, cleanses the final section of the large intestine, inhibits water retention. Nopalin reduces cellulite, perfect in the fight against hemorrhoids, lowers body weight, triglycerides and cholesterol, a powerful antioxidant.
Pure Yucca
Pure Yucca, Yucca extract cleanses toxins from the joints, effectively supports the body in the rheumatic diseases (rheumatism, arthritis), diseases of the colon. Pure Yucca is an excellent detoxifying and purifying herb.
Triple Potency Lecithin
Triple Potency Lecithin - not only removes deposits from the vessels, but also those that accumulate in the joints, causing stiffness. Triple Potency Lecithin gives suppleness, flexibility and mobility of joints, eliminates pain, especially when weather changes.
Calcium Magnesium Plus
Calcium Magnesium Plus - a highly available chelates calcium and magnesium in optimal proportions. It also contains vitamin D3 and K2. Regenerates and rebuilds bone. Calcium Magnesium Plus is essential in osteoporosis. Also used for insomnia, deacidification, calms.
Green Care
Green Care, an extract of alfalfa, used as an auxiliary in gastric ulcers and duodenal ulcers, flatulence, heart burn, unpleasant odor from the mouth, loss of appetite, and acidity. Green Care restores normal gut flora, has antifungal properties.
Shake One
Effective weight loss
One Diet Exercises
What vitamins does your body need?
What vitamins does your body need?
Human body continuously signals whether our lifestyle is balanced and whether it receives what is necessary for it is optimal functioning.
If your body does not get appropriate quantities of quality supplements, it will show on your skin, hair, mood, behaviour, muscles, and in many other ways.
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Secret of natural beauty
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