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Noni - Morinda citrifolia

Let's see in which health problems noni active substances can be helpful!
Due to its properties, proxeronine is useful in diseases such as hypertension, stomach ulcers and arthritis. More and more independent studies confirm its hypotensive and diuretic properties. Many scientists consider noni to be effective in the treatment of hypertension, one of the most widespread civilization diseases. Noni has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and have demonstrated the efficacy in liver protection
Pharmavita | 1/2/2018

Essential selenium

Selenium is an indispensable element of the proper functioning of our body, and its lack can be a significant problem, which in particular affects the region in which we live. On the one hand, our basic food products contain small amounts of this basic element because the soil contains small amounts of selenium. In some countries, selenium intake has been reduced by 50% in the last 20-30 years, although this element may play an important role in the prevention of some diseases.
Pharmavita | 5/1/2018

How to get rid of stress!

Trembling hands? Unreasonable outbursts of anger? Problems with sleeping? Headaches? Hair loss? Stomach pain? Intolerance? Memory problems? Lethargy? These signals are response of the organism, and may be associated with increased stress for the development of the most influenced by the negative stimuli.
Pharmavita | 6/4/2017

qProtect - "protection of life"

Popularity of qProtect - one of the leading products in the group of antioxidants is not accidental, because its primary ingredient is Ginkgo biloba - the "miracle of life" - the plant, which was formed 200 million years ago and survived in spite of the adverse conditions in ancient history.
Pharmavita | 30/3/2017

Supplements for Women's Health

March 8 is International Day recognized by the United Nations. UN reminds the world of equality and works for equal rights for men and women. Currently, the term "weaker sex" increasingly affects men, because more and more women are working professionally and in addition is engaged in the home, raising the children.
Pharmavita | 8/3/2017

Infertility treatment using natural methods

According to statistical data infertility applies to 10-15% of couples, half of cases involve both interested and unexpected often occurs secondary infertility, which is becoming more common among women after a successful pregnancy. The highest percentage occurs, unfortunately, in Central and Eastern Europe. Let's see how natural methods can help you before you decide to seek medical attention.
Pharmavita | 27/2/2017

Balanced diet with omega3

Due to the global obesity “pandemic” and the accompanying global desire to lose weight most people view fats as enemies, however it is important to know that just like proteins, fats are also indispensable for a healthy diet.
Pharmavita | 7/2/2017

Niacin (vitamin B3, vitamin PP)

Niacin is another natural active ingredient, for which it is proved that it is able to help in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and can also help to relieve fatigue better than coffee!

Check now the novelty on the market of vitamins Niacin X-treme
Pharmavita | 24/1/2017

New findings about vitamin D!

Basically, we think that we have enough vitamin D because there are plenty of sun. But the latest research suggests that supplementation is often necessary and we do not have enough vitamin D. Nearly 50% of Europe's population has insufficient supply of vitamin D even in the sunny months. This percentage may grow during the winter and up to 70% -80%.
Pharmavita | 10/1/2017
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