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For Kids

The ingredients contained in the products of a positive effect on children's body
Products available in the global Calivita International network, may not be available in all countries. Calivita products list is for informational purposes only! Represents the most appropriate supplements to support the body's functions for a given ailment. None of the products, or product ingredients referred to herein are intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease, or medical condition. No statement, claim, opinion or information relating to any product, or product ingredient is intended to be, nor should be construed as medical advice.

Let’s prepare for going back-to-school!

Back to school in fall is a challenge both for parents and students. Our network offers several products which may help parents to make their children do their best both physically and intellectually.
However, nature around us changes almost on a daily basis and our body strives for balance and stability. During alternating seasons we need the same level of support, and it is only the source that changes. In spring and summer we are usually exposed to more sunlight, we can synthesize more vitamin D by ourselves while we may need more supplementation during fall and winter. It applies even more to children, as it is relevant to the development of their body that we should ensure they receive the necessary vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other useful substances from which they can grow.

Lion Kids+D is a complex multivitamin which contains most minerals and vitamins with which we can complement the diet of our children. Added calcium and vitamin D may help bone development, while muscle function is assisted by potassium and magnesium; vision by beta carotene, and vitamin Bs aid in the functioning of the nervous system and metabolism. When the season for catching cold arrives, Lion Kids C may effectively promote the healthy functioning of the immune system.

Our products Lion Kids s can be given to our children in the form of delicious, fruity chewable tablets, so their dosage cannot cause problems as there most children cannot resist sweets.

We recommend Energy&Memory to older students, for periods of such extreme strain like the beginning of a semester or exam period.
The inclusion of Guarana in the diet may stimulate concentration and cognition and may boost athletic performance. Lecithin and its basic unit, choline are compounds that can be found in cell membranes, and they participate in their construction. In addition choline plays an important role in transmitting stimuli, so together with lecithin it may contribute to the adequate functioning of our brain. Vitamin E included in the product protects polyunsaturated fatty acids constituting our nervous system from the attack of free radicals, supporting our mental abilities by doing so. Vitamin C is not simply necessary to the normal functioning of the nervous system but by its antioxidant effects protects it as well. The demands of the body should be covered from the above and a balanced diet is the last thing a student pays attention to during exam period.
CaliVita takes into account the entire family, small and bigger children included. When compiling our products we have taken into consideration both the demands of the developing body and everyday challenges in order to offer the best formula to our precious offspring.

Dietary supplements can be no substitute for a balanced diet. It is not recommended for those allergic to apicultural products or suffering fructose intolerance. Before long-term application consult your pediatrician for advice.
If you consume other food containing caffeine carefully apply Energy & Memory.
During pregnancy and nursing it should be avoided. In the case of cardiovascular diseases seek medical advice.

Please feel free to contact us, if you have any question.
Tel: +31 10 205 22 56
Skype: cveuwe or lt cveuwe_ita
Fax: +31 10 205 53 43

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