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Joint ProteX FORTE, i.e. effective tablets for joints not only for seniors

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Published by Calivita Partner in Joint & Bone Support · 1 February 2023
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Freedom of movement is most often appreciated only when we suddenly or gradually lose it. It's not just about accidents, competitive sports and regular intensive training, as well as the natural aging processes that can affect our musculoskeletal system. Anyone who has had damaged, abraded cartilage knows how difficult the slightest movement can be.

What helps to rebuild joint cartilage?

In adulthood, the condition of articular cartilage depends on the quality and quantity of intercellular material produced by cartilage cells, including water content. If the cartilage loses its water content, its elasticity decreases, making it more sensitive. Inelastic loads on the cartilage cause micro-trauma that can trigger further degenerative processes. In this way, this dreaded process easily develops, whereby we can hardly move in the morning and our joints need time to "get moving" and our movement regenerates. However, this is only the beginning, later every movement is painful and even limited. After all, even at rest, there is pain. For the health of the cartilage, it is highly recommended to consume various substances that protect the cartilage. These include important building blocks of cartilage: glucosamine and chondroitin sulphate, which unfortunately are not always available in sufficient quantities in the elderly, so their supplementation may be of key importance in prevention and treatment.

Calivita Joint ProteX FORTE - an effective product for joints

Joint ProteX FORTE is one of the most effective cartilage protection products, but it not only supports cartilage regeneration, but also supports the production of synovial fluid between the bones. This is a truly unique preparation, because in addition to substances supporting the body's movement, such as hyaluronic acid or glucosamine, it also contains plant extracts with a long history in folk medicine, such as turmeric or meadowsweet herb.

Calivita Joint ProteX FORTE

Joint ProteX FORTE is recommended not only to the elderly, but also to athletes and physically active people. The product is also perfect for after injuries and injuries during convalescence and rehabilitation. The effectiveness of Joint Protex Forte is confirmed by many positive opinions of people who have tried it.

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