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Nordic Pure Omega 3 Liquid - the treasure of Iceland

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Published by Calivita Partner in Healthy lifestyle · 20 December 2022
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How pure Omega 3 works in the new Nordic Pure Omega3 Liquid

At the end of the year, you may think more about your loved ones (as many of us do): the fact that it's great to have them around; how to best care for them; but what gift can you give them from yourself to really show how much you care about them. You sure can't buy them a bottle of our new Nordic Pure Omega3 Liquid - pure omega 3 liquid, put a bow on them and say Merry Christmas - can you? Or maybe this will be the best solution because such a small bottle containing fish oil, like pure, liquid gold inside, is of great value ... and not only for your children and parents, but also for you. By the way, if you haven't tried this product yet, winter is definitely a good time to do so. Read on to find out why. Nordic Pure Omega3 Liquid
Nordic Pure Omega 3 Liquid

Learning becomes easier with omega 3

Have you ever wondered how to help your children cope with homework and schoolwork better and easier? In fact, this is an area where omega-3s are able to give your children enough support: they can improve their concentration, help them concentrate and focus, as well as reading and writing; they can also make them fall asleep more deeply and improve their mood. All in all, they seem to provide a solid enough foundation if you're aiming for better results. But omega-3s can also come in handy if you're looking to reduce the amount of time kids can miss school, given that omega-3s help their bodies fight off pathogens and make them better equipped to weather the cold Seasons.

With Nordic Pure Omega 3 Liquid you can achieve all this and it's very simple. Available in liquid form, the product is easy to swallow and dose to meet a person's individual needs; we even added a touch of delicate lemon flavor to subdue and mask the taste of the fish.

Mental performance at the highest level

Omega-3 fatty acids can support not only your children's immune systems, but also your parents', which is one way to keep them safe. Slowing down mental decline and staving off dementia and depression for as long as possible are actually great benefits that can be relied upon regardless of the season. You can give your parents a chance to improve their mental performance and increase their thinking speed and memory so that they can stay healthy and enjoy spending time with their grandchildren.

Less stress, more energy

Of course, when it comes to supplementing with this valuable substance, you should not forget about yourself, because you can feel exhausted and literally overwhelmed by the stressful everyday life. Omega-3 protects the heart and supports the proper functioning of the heart; helps the body fight inflammation and makes you more resistant, including chronic diseases. Thanks to omega 3, you can also provide mental support and lift your spirits without even noticing, which will allow you to enjoy better time spent with loved ones.

PREMIUM quality, PREMIUM purity

We suggest you take advantage of all the benefits listed above with our Nordic Pure Omega 3 Liquid, Calivita's highest quality and highest purity fish oil, derived from Icelandic fish. Our product is free from artificial additives, sugar, preservatives, gluten, lactose, milk protein and even fish flavor! The delicate lemon flavor and liquid form guarantee easy access for both children and adults. Test and see for yourself! Let us help you make your holidays - and your entire year - easier and happier.

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