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5 tips on how to effectively lose weight and stay in shape!

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Published by Calivita Partner in Shape & Beauty · 7 December 2023
Tags: slimmingchromiumacaifiberalkalization
Surely you have already tried many diets, while most of them required you to starve yourself, or instead of losing weight, you put on even more weight after quickly achieving results.

What actually causes this effect? When you start losing weight, it pays to plan not only how much weight you want to lose, but also how long you will be able to maintain your shape!

See what factors prevent the success of the diet?

If you do not prepare your body for slimming by alkalizing - with a poorly selected diet during slimming, you will only acidify your body, and you will torment with growing hunger ...

If you put your body into energy-saving mode - hunger pangs become more and more persistent, but you lose less and less weight, and you feel more and more tired...

If you expect a 100% miracle with 0% effort after taking "miracle drugs" and then wait with hope for the result - of course in vain ... Read what will really help you lose weight.

Alkalization! An overly acidified body cannot lose weight!

The presence of toxic substances can cause many problems, while the deposits of waste substances present in the intestines - they can reach up to several kilograms - prevent the absorption of useful substances, minerals and vitamins. Therefore, you must first get rid of toxic substances and accumulated waste. Then you can count on a much more effective diet, because the assimilation will be more efficient. An overly acidified body cannot begin to lose weight. Liquid Chlorophyll will help adjust your body's pH balance, which is the first step to diet success, and then help you maintain an optimal pH so whatever you do to lose weight has visible and lasting results.

The role of fiber in slimming and maintaining an optimal weight.

Consume as much fiber as your metabolism maintains, as this way you can accelerate its rate. However, it is practically impossible to provide a low-calorie diet - concentrated dietary supplements are needed for this. Pure Inulin can help you with this.

Give up sweets! We know it's not easy, but necessary!

Organic Acai can help you with this. Use Acai juice if you feel like you can't give up sweets on your own! Acai fruit lowers fasting blood sugar and insulin levels, and also soothes postprandial blood sugar spikes while reducing hunger. Its biggest advantage is that you don't even think about chocolate... Acai is currently the most popular weight-reducing fruit, and among other things, acai is also an excellent source of antioxidants.

Does chromium help in weight loss and how to use it safely?

EXTRA TIP! If you want to get rid of more excess weight, complete your package with other products, for example Chromium Max. It is an excellent fat burner! If you exercise regularly, take 2 extra capsules just before training. Remember to always wash down the chromium capsules with a large glass of water! Chromium Max is also worth recommending to people who cannot exercise regularly, because it soothes fluctuations in blood sugar levels, thus preventing uncontrolled hunger pangs.

Chromium is an essential micronutrient, which means that the human body is unable to produce it and we can only get it from external sources. Chromium is involved in the proper metabolism of polysaccharides, proteins and fats, and also contributes to the maintenance of normal blood sugar levels. Thanks to this, it can help prevent unwanted "cravings" for sweets, which are caused by sudden fluctuations in blood sugar levels, and thus contributes to the effectiveness of a reduction diet. Not all forms of chromium are properly absorbed. Its compounds with an organic bond, such as chromium picolinate, are perfectly absorbed and used in the body.

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