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Organic noni juice - properties, use and dosage

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Published by Calivita Partner in Super Fruits · 4 March 2024
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The ancient Polynesian aborigines used various plants as natural remedies, initially through trial and error, and later passed their experience on to their descendants from generation to generation. This was called the "gate", which was shorthand for rules and teachings that could be followed in order to live in the best possible health and harmony. This collective knowledge was nurtured and protected by the "kahuna", the spiritual leader.

Treatment of the disease often included various ceremonies, sweating, massages and, of course, plants believed to be beneficial to health. Most of the plants were used externally, and ethnobotanists believe that this is how the medical history of noni began.

What does noni juice help and what is its use

We don't know for sure how noni's pain-relieving properties were discovered, but we do know that its leaves have been used with particular frequency throughout Polynesian history. It was mainly used in the treatment of rheumatic pains, inflammations, mycosis and other internal and external diseases.

Noni was undoubtedly a powerful medicine for the Polynesians, which is why they took this plant with them when they colonized new islands in the Pacific Ocean. At some point, the natives started eating the noni fruit, but we don't know exactly when. The smell of ripe fruit probably kept them from eating it for some time.

noni fruit

However, animals are in some ways smarter than us, or at least more intuitive about their health. For example, we know that dogs eat grass when they want to throw up. Pets have many such health habits. And the Polynesian fauna loves noni! University of Hawaii ethnobotanists believe Native Americans may have originally seen animals eating raw fruit that had fallen from trees. They probably noticed the good health of the animals and decided to try to eat the fruit.

It quickly became clear that raw noni fruit was impressively effective at boosting energy levels, helping to fight inflammation, maintaining a healthy immune system, and providing countless other benefits. Noni quickly became one of the most important medicinal plants of the ancient Polynesians.

We now know of more than 160 compounds found in noni, including a wealth of essential micronutrients including natural antioxidants, soluble and insoluble fiber, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, and countless other compounds.

Is it possible to buy fresh noni fruit

Unfortunately, noni is difficult to integrate into the modern world. The reason for this is simple: unprocessed noni fruit is impossible to transport because it ferments and decomposes too quickly.

Calivita Organic Noni juice

Don't worry, there is a solution - noni juice! Calivita Organic Noni contains all the fruit ingredients that your body needs most in today's dynamic world. In addition to noni, it also contains white grape, black cherry and pomegranate extracts, making it a real antioxidant bomb. In addition, each fruit comes from a farm with a BIO certificate, guaranteeing the highest quality.

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