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Calivita natural supplements - High-quality, cGMP-certified products

Natural Calivita products
We are facing hardships we haven't experienced in a long time: the combination of the highest inflation in decades, the Covid pandemic, unaffordable utility prices and a looming recession are making life very difficult for us.

Now you really need to start paying attention to your health!

If now you are knocked off your feet by the disease, not only can your earnings decrease, but your expenses can also increase if your doctor prescribes medication.

Eating a wholesome, balanced meal is becoming more and more difficult with constantly rising food prices. The prices of fresh fruit, vegetables, meat products, fish and whole grain bakery products have already reached unprofitable levels for many. It's getting harder and harder to make a healthy diet. A diet rich in vitamins and minerals is essential for maintaining a healthy balance in the body. If this is no longer possible with food, there is even more emphasis on concentrated dietary supplements.

Calivita products

The wide range of Calivita cGMP-certified products has been composed in such a way that we can find the perfect product for you and your family, both in terms of price and composition!


  1. Calivita is one of the few companies that meet cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements. cGMP is a more comprehensive and demanding standard than GMP. It is constantly updated, improved based on the latest scientific discoveries, the latest technologies. cGMP requires testing of every batch of raw material, every batch of finished product. At each stage of the technological process, production control is carried out, which guarantees the highest possible standards of quality, safety and effectiveness of products.
  2. Calivita products have FDA (American Food and Drug Administration) Certificates, meet the requirements set out in European Union regulations.
  3. All Calivita raw materials and products are free from GMOs, pollutants, heavy metals, and meet the relevant microbiological requirements.
  4. Natural raw materials are the basis in the process of creating modern formulas of CaliVita® dietary supplements using ecological ingredients, if possible.
  5. We pay special attention to always use forms of active ingredients with the best bioavailability, and that the individual ingredients have a synergistic effect (mutually reinforcing effect) on the body.
  6. In addition to using the latest scientific research results when developing innovative compositions, we also rely on the centuries-old tradition of folk medicine, which confirms, among others, the effectiveness of the plant ingredients used in our preparations.
  7. Calivita has 30 years of experience in the production and distribution of dietary supplements.
  8. The vast majority of our products are made in the USA.
  9. We guarantee 100% quality of our products.

Awareness is very important now! Feel free to contact us and we will help you find the most suitable solution for you!

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