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Calivita Organic Noni Juice - Certified Organic Noni with organic fruits

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Published by Calivita Partner in Super Fruits · 5 June 2023
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Do you sometimes feel like something is wrong with your body? ... that it hurts here, it hurts there, that you feel constantly tired, you have no mood and energy neither for yourself nor for others? ...that someone should stop this race, that you need to take a break and recuperate?

Many of us feel this feeling because every second person answers this question positively. What is it that we all do the same and probably wrong? The only answer may be the environment we live in and how we live in it.

Everything has a price

The human body has not evolved to be sedentary or to eat artificially produced foods full of preservatives. It certainly cannot be said that prehistoric people watched TV, talked on the phone or worked furiously on laptops. Whereas our ancestors were only stressed out for ten minutes a day - long enough to avoid being attacked by a tiger - people today are stressed out for days, weeks and years. To balance it all, they drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes or eat something, and when everything hurts, they turn to medicine. And it's hard for them to find fresh air to take a deep breath.

We should make a major change because our cells are literally suffering from poor lifestyle and adverse environmental influences. If they "suffer" for a long time, this condition can gradually lead to latent inflammation, i.e. hidden chronic inflammation. If we don't take our body's signals seriously at this point, it can cause a lot of serious problems. Metabolic disorders may develop, sugar imbalances may occur, vascular calcification may begin, problems with the nervous system may occur, the immune system may attack its own cells, and a degenerative process may begin in the cells.

Everything that is important is in the organic noni fruit

Unfortunately, despite our efforts, it is difficult or almost impossible to change our environment and lifestyle, so we have to reach for another method. There is an exotic and unique noni fruit that has been known and used for 2000 years and contains a range of essential nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Its active ingredients can reduce inflammation and pain, help the body produce its own antioxidants, support healthy cell activity and proper cell division.

Organic Noni with organic fruits

Additional triple effect of Organic Noni juice from Calivita

Calivita Organic Noni contains more than just noni; has been enriched with three other types of organic fruit. According to research, outside of the main target area, they reinforce three important things that people need most right now. Cherry supports the activity of our muscles and joints; pomegranate protects our circulatory system and grapes help us sleep peacefully.

Organic Noni, which comes from pressed fruit from organic farming. It is not contaminated with fertilizers, herbicides or chemicals. It does not contain added sugar, artificial preservatives, dyes or flavor enhancers. The intense fruity taste of the product has been achieved thanks to the perfect proportion of organic noni, organic cherries, organic pomegranates and organic grapes.

Now is your time to take the first and most important step for yourself.

Leave those races behind and ignite your body's self-healing power with the organic noni fruits found in Certified Organic Noni Juice! This Calivita noni juice has recently been separately certified by a food safety authority in one of the EU Member States, which guarantees that it does not contain pesticides or other chemicals.

Calivita Organic Noni

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