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How to get rid of stress!

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Published by Pharmavita in Health · 6 April 2017
Tags: stresstensionnervousness
Trembling hands? Unreasonable outbursts of anger? Problems with sleeping? Headaches? Hair loss? Stomach pain? Intolerance? Memory problems? Lethargy? These signals are response of the organism, and may be associated with increased stress* for the development of the most influenced by the negative stimuli.

What is stress?
Stress is usually defined as a state of "constant tension" or "lasting nervousness". What is more, the body's response to stress is a change that requires physical, mental and emotional reactions. In this manner, the stress potential changes. In a dynamic world, everything is constantly changing, so it is no wonder that stress has become almost endemic.

Do we realize that when we are under stress?
The answer for every human difficulties and so physical, emotional and behavioral changes may be completely different. In unexpected situations can arise immediately trembling, sweating, high heart rate, shortness of breath, muscle tension, headaches, panic or anger. Continuous negative stress can affect health. Anxiety, depression, dyspepsia, hypertension, sleep disorders, cardiovascular symptoms that may cause of stress also it can affect the menstrual cycle, and therefore fertility or infertility.

Who is most vulnerable?
Various research groups define different social groups as the most vulnerable. Some point to older people, others say that the risk is highest for active women. However, for example, return to work or school after the holidays or after a long break can cause stress. This means that stress is present in our lives, so you have to be careful!

Good advice, to be implemented in a stressful life:

1. Try to honestly assess the current situation and imagine what is the worst thing that can happen.
2. Prepare, think about how to handle that, if that happens.
3. If you are prepared for the worst, try to imagine what you can do to achieve better results.

So is there a solution?
Because the causes and symptoms are different and that no solution could be the one, universal, common to all. It can help yoga, tai chi, meditation, or even some form of stress management training or sport. Some people have a good book and a cup of herbal tea or a bath with the addition of aromatherapy; others to release stress spend time in nature. Proper diet can contribute to better stress tolerance . It can help magnesium, B vitamins, as well as single herbs (such as Rhodiola). The key is to try to change or avoid stressful situations!

* All of these symptoms can be caused by other diseases as well. Therefore, if any of them are long-term and very experience, you should consult with your doctor!

B Management - Vitamin B complex preparation supports the proper functioning of the nervous system, may have a positive influence on the energy balance of the body, and so it is particularly recommended in cases of stress, increased mental or physical stress. It is also recommended to use the following products: Rhodiolin, Magnezi B6 and BioHarmonex® - relaxation device.

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