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Liquid Chlorophyll - the source of a healthy life

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Published by Calivita Partner in Healthy lifestyle · 14 August 2023
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There has long been a healthy living belief that foods rich in chlorophyll, such as baby wheat, in some way help transport oxygen in the blood. Chlorophyll is often described as the blood of plants, it is the green plant pigment, the main pigment of photosynthesis, which is found in the chloroplasts, the plant organs where photosynthesis takes place.

Plant and animal respiration are interrelated and essential to sustain all life on Earth - plant respiration produces glucose and other organic molecules and releases oxygen which animal and human cells use in their mitochondria to produce chemical energy - ATP, releasing carbon dioxide CO2. Again, it serves the plants as a source of carbon.

Why is it worth drinking chlorophyll

Both the plant chloroplast and our mitochondria have similarities - both organelles use the electron transfer chain to convert energy. In plants, these electrons come from the Sun, whose photons/light are the primary source of all biological energy - glucose and other organic products.

The chlorophyll molecule contains a porphyrin ring as its central part, as well as organic molecules, identical to those in the human body, involved in cellular respiration and oxygen transport - hemoglobin, myoglobin and cytochrome. Hemoglobin is a protein in human blood that carries oxygen from the lungs to other tissues and cells and contains iron (Fe) in the porphyrin ring while chlorophyll's porphyrin ring contains magnesium (Mg).

What are the effects of using chlorophyll

Chlorophyll derivatives exposed to gastric acid are converted to the corresponding metal-free pheophytins (PHEs), which are absorbed by intestinal cells and eventually pass into the bloodstream. Chlorophyll and its derivatives work through various mechanisms that include:

  • antioxidant effect;
  • change in genotoxicity;
  • inhibition of the cytochrome P450 enzyme (liver);
  • stimulation of phase II enzymes (liver);
  • increase in the level of glutathione S-transferase;
  • cell differentiation, cell cycle arrest and apoptosis (cell death).

In 1931, the winner of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, Dr. Otto Warburg discovered that oxygen deficiency is the main cause of mutations in cells. Without enough oxygen, there is no energy, and all physiological processes of the body rely on the cells to be sufficiently supplied with oxygen.
To get enough oxygen, we need strong blood - enough healthy erythrocytes well filled with hemoglobin and iron-binding iron.

Chlorophyll increases oxygen uptake in the cells of our body, strengthens blood-producing organs, rebuilds hemoglobin and prevents anemia.

Calivita Liquid Chlorophyll

Calivita Liquid Chlorophyll - alkalizing formula

The season for green vegetables is slowly coming to an end. That is why it is worth getting a product containing liquid chlorophyll and using it regularly throughout the autumn and winter period to support oxygenation of the body and immunity. Liquid Chlorophyll by Calivita contains Liquid Chlorophyll from alfalfa. The product has a cGMP quality certificate and one bottle is enough for 3 months of treatment. Remember to refrigerate Liquid Chlorophyll once opened and consume within 3 months.

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