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qProtect - "protection of life"

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Published by Pharmavita in Antioxidants · 30 March 2017
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Popularity of qProtect - one of the leading products in the group of antioxidants is not accidental, because its primary ingredient is Ginkgo biloba - the "miracle of life" - the plant, which was formed 200 million years ago and survived in spite of the adverse conditions in ancient history. This was mainly due to the stable genetic material, protected by its own antioxidants that can stop any kind of disease, adverse weather conditions, air pollution, and even ionizing radiation. Ginkgo biloba is the plant that blossomed after the nuclear attack on Japan during the Second World War.

Today's science appreciates a wide protection of health which has ginkgo biloba. Flavonoids can promote the proper functioning of the circulatory system, normal blood flow, supply cells with oxygen and nutrients. They support the normal functioning of the brain, which helps to maintain concentration and memory, which may be particularly significant in the elderly and the increased mental stress. Normalization of blood vessels in some problems with hearing and vision is also advantageous, ginkgo biloba also preferably supports the blood circulation in people who complain of cold extremities.

Under ideal conditions, a healthy body produces enough antioxidants to counteract the harmful effects of free radicals. However, modern life, stress, environmental pollution, unhealthy diet, electronic equipment or radiation have adverse effects on our bodies, not to mention the fact that in old age, disease, intense sport activities and in case of increased workload the body definitely needs extra support by antioxidants.

Dietary supplements providing Ginkgo biloba should combine the excellent properties of vitamins and trace elements together - thus including vitamin C, beta-carotene (provitamin Vitamin A), Vitamin E and selenium - which are combined together in a single product, support each other and in this way can provide better results.

Immediately after vitamin C another best-known vitamin is probably beta-carotene. What we know about beta-carotene. If we eat carrots (a good source of beta carotene), we have a beautiful brown skin and the tan lasts longer, our vision becomes sharper, and even that vitamin A may help maintain healthy bones.

Selenium affects the thyroid hormones and also is an important component of a system which protects against uncontrolled cell growth. What's more, men especially need this trace element, mainly because selenium is stored in the testes and is secreted in large amounts along with the semen.

Finally, it is worth mentioning vitamin E, which is not without reason, is called the vitamin of youth. We owe her youthful appearance and well-being. It helps to maintain skin elasticity, the normal functioning of our nervous system, beta-carotene and Vitamin C together also helps to maintain sharp vision.

Do not wait, just get what you need! qProtect is also a great support for the functioning of the immune system, making it easier to fight fatigue, stress, and overcome the disease, while helping to slow the aging process, keeping our youth.

If  the product is administrated for a long period and in large doses, possible side effects include skin rash, anxiety, insomnia, diarrhoea or vomiting. The consumption of Gingko biloba is not recommended during pregnancy, nursing, or while taking anti-coagulant medications and before operations as it may increase the time needed for coagulation. Diabetes patients should consult their physician before using the product.

Vitamin C 60mg
Ginkgo biloba leaf 50mg
Vitamin E10I.U.
Beta Carotene 3000I.U.
Selenium 20mcg

Dosage: 1-3 tablets daily

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