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Replenish your mineral reserves with MagneZi B6 and Calcium Magnesium PLUS!

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Published by Calivita Partner in Minerals · 3 July 2023
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July has arrived and with it the heat. At this time of year, our bodies may need more minerals than our bodies normally need to function properly. But it's completely understandable because when we spend more time outside, we also move more, and we also sweat more due to the heat. And thanks to sweating, we lose valuable minerals, which we then need to replenish.

This is especially true of magnesium, which, among other things, is essential for healthy muscle activity.

During your holidays, you are likely to cycle more often and spend more time on your bike. And of course, this is not the only activity that can put a lot of strain on your body. For example, if you spend time at the beach and only occasionally swim or do water sports with friends, you will definitely feel that your body needs a lot more energy. This may actually mean that your magnesium stores are depleted and need to be replenished.

MagneZi B6 with magnesium citrate

The Calivita MagneZi B6 product, which has been specially developed for comprehensive support of the muscular and nervous systems, contains not only magnesium, but also vitamin B6 and zinc.

Magnesium b6 Calivita is especially recommended for athletes and people exposed to physical stress, as well as excessive fluid loss (e.g. sweating) and whenever you feel that you could use some extra energy on tiring and exhausting days.

Of course, sweating doesn't just deplete magnesium stores. You may also be deficient in many other minerals, including calcium, which, like magnesium, is essential for proper muscle function.

Calivita MagneZi B6

Easily absorbable calcium and magnesium

Fortunately, calcium is easily replenished (although the body does not produce it). Calcium Magnesium PLUS by Calivita is a dietary supplement containing calcium and magnesium designed to support bone health, proper functioning of muscles and the nervous system. Calcium Magnesium PLUS is additionally strengthened by vitamins D3 and K2. We recommend this product especially if you want to provide enough calcium to match increased physical activity.

Calivita Calcium Magnesium PLUS

Don't forget to replenish your mineral reserves: join us, enjoy high-quality Calivita products and enjoy the summer actively!

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