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Rhodiola rosea - how to get rid of stress thanks to nature!

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Published by Calivita Partner in Stress · 29 May 2023
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Are your hands shaking? Do you have outbursts of anger for no reason? sleep disorders? Headaches? Is your hair falling out? Does your stomach hurt? Feeling impatient? Depressions? Do you have memory problems? These symptoms may be the body's response to increased stress. Negative stimuli are the main cause of stress.

What is stress?

The everyday meaning of stress is "constant tension" or "permanent nervousness". More specifically: stress is our body's response to certain changes that require a physical, mental or emotional response or adaptation. Therefore, the very change creates the possibility of stress. In our busy world, everything is constantly changing, so it's no surprise that stress has become common all over the world.

We still need stress. How is it possible?

According to a model published by Professor Selye, who is internationally known for his research on stress, stress can be divided into two types: stress and distress. Eustress, the so-called "good stress", comes from a situation that can be resolved; it strengthens and stimulates us, stimulates our creativity. Distress (negative stress) causes frustration, helplessness, disappointment, and fatigue. The solution is the golden mean. A complete lack of stress leads to exhaustion or apathy, while persistent stress can cause illness.

Do we recognize a stressful situation?

Everyone in a difficult situation reacts differently, so completely different physical, mental and behavioral changes can occur. In an unexpected situation, there may be sudden seizures, sweating, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, muscle tension, headaches, panic or anger. Persistent negative stress can take a toll on our health. It can cause anxiety, depression, indigestion, high blood pressure, sleep disturbances, heart problems and can affect the menstrual cycle and consequently fertility and infertility.

Who is most at risk?

Different studies point to different groups that are most at risk. Some say they are old people; others argue that people of working age are at greatest risk. But stress can also be caused by, for example, pregnancy or returning to work after holidays or back to school after holidays. Stress is present in everyone's life, so we should try to pay attention to its symptoms.

Good tips for dealing with stress

If you have a stressful life, breathe deeply, count to ten and don't make any sounds.

Here is a quick guide you should follow:

Try to make an honest assessment of the situation and imagine the worst thing that could happen. Be prepared to tolerate it if it happens.
When you're prepared for the worst, imagine how to do it better. (Through experience, you can develop this further for best results.)

Is there a solution?

Because the symptoms vary, there can be no one-size-fits-all solution that everyone will accept and embrace. Yoga, tai chi, meditation, or any sport or stress management training can help. Some solutions are a cup of herbal tea or an aromatic bath: for others, time spent outdoors. A proper diet can also help us deal with stress. Magnesium, B vitamins or some herbs (e.g. Rhodiola rosea) will also be useful.


But the most important thing is to try to change or alleviate stressful situations!

Calivita Rhodiolin supplement - Rhodiola rosea extract

Rhodiola rosea, otherwise known as the "arctic root" or "golden root", is one of the most effective adaptogenic plants that help maintain the internal balance of the body, increases resistance to stress and increases physical and mental performance. Rhodiola Rosea in situations of increased stress mobilizes the body to act.

How does Rhodiola rosea reduce stress?

All studies and opinions confirm that rhodiola rosea can be very helpful in the fight against stress, reducing its impact on the body and increasing the body's stress resistance threshold. It positively stimulates the nervous system, improves the mental and physical performance of the body and reduces mental fatigue.
In addition, enriching the diet with Rhodiola rosea extract can increase concentration, improve blood circulation, supply cells and tissues with oxygen and nutrients, add positive energy to action and reduce mood swings.

Strengthened effect of Rhodiola rosea in combination with zinc!

Studies have shown that zinc supports the protection of cells against the harmful effects of free radicals, which accelerate the aging of the body, are the cause of many health problems - and their increased amount is created during stress.

In addition, zinc supports immunity, cares for the beautiful appearance of the skin, hair and nails, which are also exposed to stress on the body.

In addition, zinc is involved in the process of cell division, DNA synthesis, supports cognitive processes, maintains the proper acid-base balance of the body, and has a beneficial effect on fertility, reproductive functions and testosterone levels.

Calivita Rhodiolin supplement - Rhodiola and zinc

The Calivita Rhodiolin supplement is an innovative combination of Rhodiola Rosea and zinc in one product. Each Rhodiolin capsule contains as much as 100 mg of roseroot root concentrate and 10 mg of zinc. Rhodiolin is a safe product, has a cGMP and FDA quality certificate, is free of GMOs, pollutants, heavy metals, and meets the appropriate microbiological requirements. Thanks to the content of Rhodiola rosea, the product can effectively support the body of people exposed to everyday stress, exhausted, and after traumatic experiences.

Calivita Rhodiolin

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