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RiseUp Multiactive Collagen from Calivita is now available!

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Published by Calivita Partner in Joint & Bone Support · 27 March 2023
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This second-generation collagen complex is a real breakthrough on the market for all consumers, both young and old: whether you belong to the younger generation that lives actively or you are an elderly person with joint problems - RiseUp Multiactive Collagen is the promise of real improve the quality of life!

The new RiseUp Multiactive Collagen by Calivita is a combination of two different types of collagen: the first is hydrolyzed type 2 collagen, the second is the so-called "Biologically active collagen UC-II®". The designed combination of both types of collagen works so that the active substances found in the joints can be used as effectively as possible. The special feature of the product is the bioactive collagen UC-II® itself. Collagen is present in this substance in its original form. Therefore, it can remain biologically active, thanks to which the new product acts as an intelligent immune modulator.

The new collagen has a triple effect:

  • UC-II® collagen responds to the presence of inflammation and releases substances that soothe inflammation and pain.
  • UC-II® then signals the body to "repair" the affected joint(s) and uses high doses of hydrolyzed collagen to stimulate collagen production directly in the joints.
  • Ultimately, UC-II® begins to regenerate affected joints with high doses of hydrolyzed collagen.

How does RiseUp Multiactive Collagen work

RiseUp Multiactive Collagen works by reducing inflammation and pain, but its active ingredients will also help us take it to the next level: with this new product, we offer not only solutions to delay or slow down cartilage degeneration, but also a chance for our consumers to rebuild and regenerate your joints! What Calivita Multiactive Collagen RiseUp offers is called the "second generation approach"!

The action of collagen in the body is supported by a number of other natural and rare active substances. All of them have been added to the product in the most accessible and effective form:

What does RiseUp Multiactive Collagen contain besides collagen?

Another special feature of the product is rosehip (Rosa canina), which has been added to it not only for its anti-inflammatory effect, but also for effective pain relief.

In addition, it contains hyaluronic acid, which supports the correct and smooth movement and flexibility of the joints.

It is also worth mentioning the well-known and proven trio of MSM, chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine sulphate, because all these substances contribute to improving joint mobility and to building and strengthening cartilages and improving their flexibility.

Finally, the addition of vitamin C and vitamin E, which fight inflammation and effectively support the absorption of collagen in the body.

The delicious orange flavor and the composition without sugar, preservatives and dyes will support the regular consumption of the new product.

If you want to reduce inflammation, pain or stiffness in your joints, why not buy and try our innovative joint protection product RiseUp Multiactive Collagen?

RiseUp Multiactive Collagen

Find out more and order the revolutionary joint product RiseUp Multiactive Collagen.

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