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Stress management, or how to deal with stress and manage it effectively?

Natural Calivita products
Published by Calivita Partner in Stress · 13 February 2023
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Stress is part of our lives, but do you know how to deal with stress effectively?

While we need positive stress because it motivates us and increases our productivity, negative stress can make our lives miserable and in the long run can even lead to illness. Fortunately, we can counteract this. Let's prevent stress with the right lifestyle and proper diet! Our efforts can be supported by a family of B vitamins supplemented with vitamin C and magnesium, which not only supports the nervous system, but also has a positive effect on metabolism and the activity of the immune system.

What are the symptoms of a deficiency of B vitamins and magnesium
  • shaking hands, blinking eyelids
  • stress, irritability
  • cardiovascular disorders
  • depression, hyperactivity
  • migraine
  • graying and hair loss
  • difficulty falling asleep
  • skin diseases.

Do you know that...?

The disease called beriberi is caused by a lack of vitamin B1? The first description of this condition dates back to 2697 BC. from China, but the connection of these symptoms with a deficiency of this vitamin was discovered only in 1937. Today, the disease can appear when the diet is dominated by husked rice or in the case of alcoholism in developing countries.

stressed man

Effective pills for stress

What composition should the tablets have in order to effectively reduce the symptoms of stress, have a calming and relaxing effect?

The basis is a full complex of B vitamins, i.e. not only basic vitamins B1, B2, B6, but especially important B8 and B9, i.e. choline and inositol, which is necessary in the transmission of nerve stimuli. Like choline, it plays an important role in nourishing brain cells and also has calming properties.

The second important component of stress pills is magnesium, which has a positive effect on the nervous system, psychological functions, electrolyte balance, muscle function and reduces fatigue.

It is also worth paying attention to herbal products containing, for example, lemon balm or Rhodiola Rosea.

Calivita Stress Management - a proven product for stress, which is worth choosing

Calivita Stress Management
This dietary supplement contains easily absorbable B vitamins, including choline and inositol, magnesium and vitamin C to support the body exposed to stress. The ingredients of the Stress Management product are of natural origin, which guarantees not only high bioavailability, but also high effectiveness. No wonder that this particular supplement is highly appreciated by patients who also use it regularly as a helpful remedy for difficulties with falling asleep. Stress Management is produced by the Calivita company known for its high-quality natural products and has the highest cGMP quality certificate.

To whom and when do we recommend Stress Management?
  • people exposed to stress at work or because of lifestyle.
  • in the case of intense physical exercise.
  • during study or increased mental effort
  • also to boost the immune system.

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