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Tips for October - how to strengthen the immune system

Natural Calivita products
Published by Calivita Partner in Healthy lifestyle · 2 October 2023
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With the beginning of autumn comes the time of colds and flu. We thought it was time to give you some helpful tips to help you boost your immunity. Here are some good tips to help prepare your body for the upcoming changeable weather.

Calivita collagen for joints

Spending more time outdoors, basking in the waning rays of the sun is definitely a good idea, because it has been known for a long time that movement and outdoor activity help prevent and relieve autumn fatigue and depression. For all those who have difficulty moving, Calivita's new revolutionary joint protection product RiseUp Multiactive Collagen is now available. This is a great innovation that will really improve the quality of life, regardless of age. The product is appreciated by both young people who practice sports and lead an active lifestyle, as well as members of the older generation, for whom joint problems could have made it difficult to move for a long time. The active ingredients of our multi-active collagen RiseUp are able not only to slow down the progressive deterioration of joint function, but are able to actually regenerate aching joints!

Calivita vitamin C for immunity

Of course, it's important to eat plenty of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. It is recommended at any time of the year, and the antioxidant and vitamin content can quickly improve your mood. However, if you do not consume enough of them (which is unfortunately a common practice of the average Pole), you can rely on dietary supplements. In this case, we recommend products with extended release, which means that they have an extended duration of action. In developing C 1000 Plus, Calivita sought to combine the benefits of organic farming with modern technology to provide customers with consistent levels of vitamin C from a pure, high-quality source throughout the day. We can confidently recommend this product to all our customers because it provides very effective support for the immune system.

Calivita essential oils

Essential oils, best known for their subtle scent and pleasant aroma, will not only help you relax on a gloomy autumn day, but can also have a beneficial effect on your health. Each of these aromas has its own unique charm. Among the members of the family of the highest quality organic essential oils, find the one that best suits your preferences and sparks your imagination!

Calivita essential oils

Organic Calivita Lemon Essential Oil is truly refreshing. It is not only an effective antidepressant and an excellent mood enhancer, but also improves mental abilities and stimulates creative thinking and concentration. In addition, due to its antiviral and antibacterial properties, it can help prevent and treat infections and even relieve nausea in pregnant women.

Organic lavender essential oil has a calming effect on the body and mind. In the past, it has been used to relieve stress, as well as being an antiseptic, wound healing and anti-inflammatory agent. In addition to all these benefits, it acts as an antispasmodic and helps prevent bloating, which can effectively relieve abdominal pain. In winter, when people often catch colds, it can help relieve coughs and prevent pathogens.

Take the time to browse Calivita's range and choose immunity products to replenish your autumn supplies and prepare for winter!

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