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Which intimate hygiene cream for irritation is best to choose?

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Published by Calivita Partner in Cosmetics · 6 March 2023
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EveryMoment - A modern cosmetic for intimate hygiene, without parabens, hormones, based on natural herbal ingredients.

EveryMoment is an intimate care cream for women. The active substances of the cream support the health and proper functions of the vagina. This unique cream, which does not contain hormones and parabens, supports a balanced, happy sex life and enables intense and sensual intimate moments.

How to increase sexual pleasure?

This natural formula is much more than a sexual pleasure enhancing cream. We recommend it for everyday use, regardless of sexual activity, because the natural ingredients of the cream reduce the risk of infection, stimulate epithelization (accelerate healing), soothe irritation of the mucous membranes and give it elasticity. Natural ingredients used during intimate intercourse support the blood supply to the genitals, have a mildly lubricating effect, give a feeling of hydration and provide better sensations. The use of natural ingredients in the EveryMoment cream throughout the year, and especially in the summer, should be part of the mandatory intimate hygiene due to increased sweating and the increased risk of infection to which we are exposed. Also during, and especially after menopause, various factors can occur that adversely affect vaginal lubrication. Therefore, regular use is especially recommended after menopause, as the amount of collagen and elastin decreases with age.

Natural cream for intimate areas

EveryMoment - cream for intimate hygiene against irritation
L-arginine gives an immediate pleasant feeling of warmth in case of injuries inside the vagina and moisturizes the mucous membrane. Together with rosemary, L-arginine stimulates blood flow to the pelvis, increasing sensitivity to stimuli. The green alga chlorella helps to maintain elasticity and strength, perfectly complementing the properties of collagen and elastin, and in addition to the general moisturizing and strengthening effect, it also includes the synthesis of these two proteins. Eucalyptus oil has antiseptic properties, wolfberry stimulates epithelization, and together with chamomile and aloe vera, they have a beneficial effect on the mucous membrane and skin. Green tea is a powerful antioxidant that refreshes and moisturizes the skin.

EveryMoment cream contains active substances that:
  • increase the amount of collagen in the tissues and give the vagina elasticity and firmness
  • help maintain proper vaginal pH and vaginal flora
  • accelerate recovery from micro-injuries caused during normal sexual intercourse
  • support the quality of sexual intercourse by increasing blood circulation in the genitals, which makes intercourse more intense
  • act as a lubricant
  • help to maintain a normal vaginal flora and thus reduce the risk of infections that accompany sexual activity, but can also be the result of external factors (travel, unhealthy environment, swimming pools and saunas ...) and internal factors (diseases, circulation problems, hormone therapy, antibiotic therapy, stress…).

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