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Which noni juice to choose? Polynesian or organic noni? We compare and suggest.

Natural Calivita products
Published by Calivita Partner in Super Fruits · 7 August 2023
Tags: polynesianorganicnonijuice
You are what you eat

Summer is the time when everyone should basically enjoy plenty of fresh fruit. But of course, the quality of the fruit that comes to your table is crucial – as is the overall purity of the food you eat. “You are what you eat,” says the saying, based on an idea originating in ancient Greece and ultimately attributed to Hippocrates. This ancient idea has never stopped growing within us. On the contrary, today it has become even more significant and justified, as we experience that food from conventional production loses a large part of its nutritional value and potentially even contains chemicals harmful to our health. Behind this process is large-scale farming and explains why organic production is increasingly known and appreciated, and reveals the reasons for its growing popularity in recent years.

So what makes organic better for you?

Here is a list of benefits that make organic a better choice:

1. A healthy lifestyle

Those who eat certified organic food believe that they can live a healthier life, and research confirms the many benefits of organic ingredients.

2. Foods with higher nutrient content, better taste and better quality

Thanks to centuries-old, gentle processing methods proven to be beneficial in the long term, and production adapted to the local environment, organic foods tend to contain more vitamins and minerals, taste better, and have better overall quality than conventional non-organic produce.

3. Cleanliness and safety

It is important that organic products are made without the use of synthetic chemicals, which means that they do not contain fungicides and insecticides, as well as any disinfectants or fertilizer residues.

In addition to many years of striving to rely as much as possible on natural raw materials, Calivita also follows these trends, which is why you will find more and more ecological products of this company in our offer.

One of our flagship Calivita products, Organic Noni, is not only certified organic, but has recently been separately certified by a food safety authority in an EU Member State and is guaranteed to be free of pesticides and other chemicals. In other words, the purity and safety of this product have been confirmed and supported by two independent, independent, credible organizations.

New Organic Noni

Everything that is important is in one fruit - Organic Noni

Morinda citrifolia (called noni in Polynesian languages) is a unique exotic fruit that contains a number of important substances, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. They reduce inflammatory processes in the body and support healthy cell activity and cell proliferation. This is further enhanced by the triple effect of organic pomegranate, organic cherries and organic grapes added to the organic noni giving the product an intense fruity flavor. While the active ingredients of Polinesian Noni juice come from untouched nature, Organic Noni comes from a bio-certified farm.

So why hesitate to take action to keep yourself and your family healthy? Try Calivita Organic Noni and continue browsing our range for other certified organic products and enjoy the benefits!

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