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Can you take vitamin D3 all year round?

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Published by Calivita Partner in Vitamins · 8 May 2023
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The role and importance of vitamin D3 for the human body

As for the support that vitamin D provides to the immune system, we can be quite sure that you will never stop remembering its benefits: how effectively it helps to avoid infections or heal them as quickly as possible. While you may never forget it, we have to admit that we haven't talked much lately about other, far-reaching effects - effects that you can count on at any time, regardless of the season. Now we make up for it by encouraging you to read our short summary below and familiarize yourself with these many beneficial effects.

Environmental damage and a poor lifestyle can stress the cells and weaken their immunity in the long run. Chronic, latent inflammation can then cause a range of health problems ranging from metabolic disorders of all kinds, including impaired sugar metabolism and blood vessel damage, to nervous system problems, to potentially more serious conditions involving mental imbalance. Unfortunately, the immune system is able to turn against its own cells and may even cause cell degeneration.

Now you're probably asking yourself what this actually has to do with vitamin D. Well, research has shown that low levels of vitamin D correlate with higher markers of inflammation. Vitamin D can act as an immune modulator and direct the work of our immune system in the right direction. In this way, the immune system can effectively fight low-grade inflammation, as above, which can affect the entire body.

Vitamin D may be able to reduce the risk of developing various autoimmune diseases (including, for example, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis), as well as various forms of cancer. Apart from that, it can also help prevent diabetes, depression and even heart attack. It has a beneficial effect on conditions such as insulin resistance (IR), hypertension, atherosclerosis and age-related mental retardation, and can also be used to strengthen bones and muscles and to prevent osteoporosis.

Make sure you supplement with vitamin D all year round!

Unfortunately, our body's ability to produce this valuable vitamin for us decreases with age and even daily exposure to the sun may not be enough. And as you can see, supplementing with vitamin D is no less than crucial. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly supplement the diet with vitamin D throughout the year. Therefore, if you don't have vitamin D in your medicine cabinet yet, it's high time to change it. You can buy the cheapest vitamin D at the pharmacy, but you can also choose liquid vitamin D3 drops from Calivita's range of products. Thanks to the high quality confirmed by the cGMP certificate, you will be sure that it is the best choice that guarantees high bioavailability of vitamin D3. One package contains 1000 drops. Learn more about CaliVita D-drops liquid vitamin D 30ml.

CaliVita D-drops liquid vitamin D 30ml

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