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Essential selenium

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Published by Pharmavita in Minerals · 5 January 2018
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for thyroid hormones
Selenium is an indispensable element of the proper functioning of our body, and its lack can be a significant problem, which in particular affects the region in which we live. On the one hand, our basic food products contain small amounts of this basic element because the soil contains small amounts of selenium; on the other hand, we do not eat foods with high selenium content (fish, mussels, hearts or liver). In some countries, selenium intake has been reduced by 50% in the last 20-30 years, although this element may play an important role in the prevention of some diseases.


Selenium is essential for the thyroid gland, its proper functioning and production of hormones. Moreover, some studies have shown that selenium can help in the treatment of thyroid disease. In the case of autoimmune thyroiditis, selenium may reduce inflammation, improve quality of life and be useful in the treatment or prevention of hypothyroidism occurring during or after pregnancy.


According to Italian studies, low selenium levels may reduce the chances of pregnancy because the motility and effectiveness of male sperm with low selenium levels was clearly weaker, and in the same study the relationship between low selenium and the risk of miscarriage in women was also established. According to British studies, lack of selenium may increase the risk of toxic blood poisoning during pregnancy.


Based on previous experience, selenium deficiency significantly deviating from optimal values ​​causes cancer of the liver, liver and gall bladder, and new research suggests that selenium supplementation positively affects the early stages of cancerous changes.

The study included women cervical intraepithelial neoplasia (its common abbreviation is CIN); women took placebo or 200 μg selenium for six months. The improvement was visible in 88% of patients treated with selenium and only 56% in the placebo group after six months. In addition, other positive changes were observed in the selenium group: blood sugar levels were normalized, insulin sensitivity and good HDL cholesterol levels increased.

Selenium and heart

Selenium-containing proteins play an antioxidant role of particular importance not only in the thyroid but also in the heart. According to the analysis, which summarized the results of 25 studies, selenium levels and the risk associated with coronary heart disease are closely related: in cases where selenium supply is high, the risk of heart problems is low!

Therefore, in the final analysis, it is beneficial to supplement selenium in order to preserve our health if the products we eat do not offer it in sufficient value! When selecting the right product, attention should be paid to quality and bioavailability. It is worth remembering that selenium is best absorbed, if it is found in organic connections, so-called organic selenium. One small tablet will provide as much selenium as 1 can of tuna or 3 eggs.


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