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How to care for teeth and gums, what can be used in addition to brushing.

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Published by Calivita Partner in Modern Life Support · 11 May 2023
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Regular cleaning and disinfection of the oral cavity significantly reduces the occurrence of caries. Some medicinal herbs can be used for this. Teeth are also strengthened by an adequate supply of essential minerals and vitamins.

What herbs and oils support the health of teeth and gums.

Herbs with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties will have a beneficial effect on teeth, gingivitis and other oral conditions. Extracts and essential oils from these herbs are added to toothpastes and mouthwashes. It is definitely worth using products that contain natural active ingredients. These include, for example, Organicare Fresh Lemon Herbal Toothpaste, a toothpaste containing herbs and lemon aroma, which has a refreshing and anti-inflammatory effect, as well as gently cleans teeth and soothes inflamed gums. With regular use, Icelandic lichen extract and the zinc citrate contained in it will help prevent the formation of plaque and tartar.

The health of our gums is supported by tannins, which help to strengthen the gums. Tannins are found in large amounts, e.g. in tea and oak bark. A decoction of oak bark is used to rinse the throat, as well as to rinse the mouth. A decoction of sage is also suitable for this, the essential oil of which and salvin lactone also have an antibiotic effect.

Medicinal herbs

Folk medicine also uses infusions of herbs that have a healing effect to treat the oral cavity. These include, for example, yarrow, chamomile (both herbs contain medicinal azulene), canola and calendula. The healing of mucous membranes is also accelerated by allantoin, which is contained, among others, in in comfrey and honey. An infusion of both of these herbs can be used as a gargle in the case of hard-to-heal inflammations of the oral cavity (periodontitis) or periodontitis.

Menthol and other essential oils

The essential oils of some plants also have a significant antiseptic effect. Menthol, which is part of peppermint oil, is very often used in oral hygiene products. It locally irritates cold receptors and causes a pleasant feeling of cold. Essential oils of clove, motherwort, thyme, myrrh, camphor, myrtle, eucalyptus, fennel and cinnamon are also used. Oregano oil, which is part of the Oregano Oil product, is also suitable for rinsing the throat and mouth. For this purpose, we use 2-3 drops, which we dilute with water or milk, in which the product dissolves better.

What dietary supplements can be used to take care of healthy teeth and gums.

For the health of our teeth, it is primarily important how we eat, whether we have a sufficient supply of minerals, trace elements and vitamins that are necessary for teeth. These are mainly calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. All these essential substances are found in the Strong Bones product and in the D-Drops preparation. They should definitely become our daily dietary supplements, as well as lozenges with coenzyme Q10, which are beneficial for gums, and liquid chlorophyll, which helps with bad breath.

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