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How to choose a product with omega 3 acids for children

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Published by Calivita Partner in Children's health · 13 March 2023
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Finding a good product with omega 3 acids is not easy at all. There are plenty of these products available in pharmacies and online. Most often, such supplements are not tested for contaminants or heavy metals that may be found in marine fish. So what should you look for in order to find a high-quality, safe product with omega 3 for your child? It is worth paying attention to certified products that guarantee the right quality. In our opinion, such a guarantee is provided by the cGMP certificate, which proves that each batch of raw material has been tested for purity and quality.

Recommended products for children with omega 3

A new high-quality product with liquid omega 3 acids has appeared on the market - Nordic Pure Omega 3 Liquid. This liquid product complements Calivita's line of cGMP certified omega 3 products in the best possible way. Now you can choose the classic omega 3 capsules with Omega 3 concentrate or Chewable Omega 3 softgels or the new formula with liquid Omega 3. Nordic Pure Omega 3 Liquid is a premium product with naturally sourced omega-3 fatty acids , i.e. from cod liver, but from a sustainable catch in a careful and delicate way, so as to preserve its natural valuable nutrients - essential omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins A and D and for the sake of the ecosystem.

Omega 3 is food for the brain

Have you ever wanted to help your children become better and smarter?

Would you like them to cope with homework and school duties better? It's good to know that this is where omega-3 fatty acids can provide your children with extra support. Namely, they can help them improve concentration, maintain attention, read and write, and can also improve sleep and mood. All in all, they seem to provide a solid enough foundation to perform better. But omega-3s can also be helpful if you want to minimize potential absences from school, given that omega-3s help your body fight off pathogens to be as prepared for winter as possible. With the new Nordic Pure Omega 3 Liquid, this is easily achieved. The product is in liquid form, so there will be no problems with swallowing, nor with the dosage, which can be easily adapted to the individual needs of each household member. This Calivita cod liver oil has a slight lemon flavor to neutralize the taste of the fish.

Nordic Pure Omega 3 for children

Mental clarity and mental freshness

Omega-3 fatty acids can be a support not only for your children's immune system, but also for parents, because it's one of the ways you can protect them. Slowing down the processes of mental deterioration and preventing dementia and depression as much as possible and for as long as possible gives you huge benefits that you can rely on regardless of the season. In this way, you can give your parents a chance: improve their mental abilities, speed of thinking and recall, so that they can stay healthy and enjoy life and meeting their grandchildren.

Well-being and energy

Of course, when it comes to supplementation with these valuable substances, you must not forget about yourself, because omega 3 fatty acids can help with fatigue and everyday stress caused by the fast pace of life. Omega-3 fatty acids protect the heart and contribute to its normal functioning; they help your body fight inflammation and make you immune to chronic diseases. In addition to the physical, they also support mental health and can improve your mood to enjoy wonderful time spent with loved ones without any obstacles.

Chewable Omega 3

Omega 3 chewable capsules

In addition to liquid omega, there are also soft chewable capsules with a mild lemon flavor - Chewable Omega 3. They are practical for anyone who does not like or cannot swallow capsules, especially for children, because they are sweet-tasting capsules. They are easily absorbed and do not irritate the stomach. They are obtained by molecular distillation, which ensures maximum purity of the fish oil concentrate.

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