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Take care of healthy intestines with ParaProteX - say no to bacteria, viruses and fungi

Natural Calivita products
The approaching winter not only worsens the mood, but also makes the body more and more demanding as to proper functioning. Why are you more likely to catch bacteria and viruses in cold weather? It's not because the sweater you're wearing is too thin or you forgot to bring a scarf, although that may have something to do with it.

It is true that the more the outside temperature drops, the lower your resistance is. And pathogens multiply more easily and quickly in humid weather and can spread faster also because we spend more time in confined spaces where the air is changed less frequently.

How to take care of health and immunity?

What can you do? Wash your hands often and ventilate the room. If for some reason this is not possible, use hand sanitizer when traveling and try to keep the necessary distance from sick people. Also, make sure you have a humidifier at home, as heating dries out the air and dry mucous membranes are conducive to infection!

Even if you cannot change the weather, you can strengthen your immunity several times. Traditional and well-known herbs such as garlic, walnuts, cloves and grapefruit seed oil are used for this purpose. You can also try lesser-known herbs used in traditional medicine, such as quisqualis berries (Rangoon creeper), barberry or pau d'arco.

Herbs from A to Z - ParaProteX - Your helper against intruders

As a powerful antioxidant, cloves can help protect against various parasites, and black walnuts and walnuts have the same effects due to their iodine content. Grapefruit seed oil is another powerful cleanser that protects the friendly bacteria in your gut as it works.

Pau D'Arco contains a significant amount of vitamins and minerals, thanks to which it can support the body's immunity in an environment rich in fungi, as well as during periods of increased susceptibility to viruses. This effect is also enhanced by quisqualis fruits. Barberry has cleansing properties and can support the body's immunity in an environment rich in bacteria. Since its fruits contain vitamin C, various trace elements and minerals, it also strengthens the immune system.

And finally, we don't even need to introduce garlic. Our grandparents successfully used it for colds thanks to its main active ingredient, the natural antibiotic allicin.

Paraprotex and herbs

Paraprotex means millions of sold products, thousands of experiences

If you do not want to burden yourself with the use of infusions and teas, or you cannot decide which herbs to choose from the many listed above and in what proportions to use them, then we have a solution for you: ParaProtex contains all the above - listed active substances in the right proportion.

Our leading product naturally supports the body's defenses against bacteria, fungi and viruses. It maintains a healthy intestinal flora and supports the immune system.

The key to its success is a wide spectrum and a unique combination of active ingredients, which is the result of thorough research.

ParaProteX: For a healthy colon mucosa

This is about your colon! Its average internal surface area (total mucosa area) is only about 350 square meters. Not using such a huge area in a useful way would be reprehensible. That is why the intestines are inhabited by beneficial bacteria that are our friends, and more precisely, the guardians of our health! They live in the large intestine and maintain healthy colonies on its mucosa. However, this is only on the condition that they occupy the entire area, the entire 350 square meters! There must not be a single square millimeter of free space, because otherwise it would immediately be occupied by the most insidious enemies of our health, which are fungi that can easily stick to the body.

Friendly intestinal bacteria produce vitamin B12 and vitamin K for us. However, such decent and useful substances also deserve the right approach on our part. For example, they do not tolerate an environment in which there are many carbohydrates and products of their metabolism. Once antibiotics get into the colon, it's a complete disaster. They die en masse! And their place is immediately taken by mushrooms, which then build their colony in the large intestine.

What options do we have? Today, let's turn our attention to one top nutritional supplement, ParaProteX. There are dozens of preparations that contain natural antibiotics or antifungal substances. Garlic extracts and preparations with quisqualis extract (Rangoon creeper) have been available for decades, and preparations with grapefruit seed extract are very popular.

The creators of ParaProteX have managed to combine the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects of exactly ten natural substances, including garlic extract, quisqualis (Rangoon creeper) and grapefruit seeds into one highly effective tablet. There is no need to discuss all 10 ingredients, but it is worth highlighting the importance of clove oil. ParaProteX is a unique and excellent agent that strengthens the healthy mucous membrane of the large intestine, regenerates and heals the intestinal bacterial flora.


Unlike synthetic antibiotics, it does not destroy beneficial bacteria, therefore its effect can be significantly enhanced by the simultaneous consumption of pre- and probiotics.

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