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The beginning of the school year - strengthening children's immunity

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Published by Calivita Partner in Children's health · 28 August 2023
Tags: immunityomega3magnesiumlecithin
September is probably the most critical month for children. The beginning of the school year largely determines the course of the following months. As parents, we naturally want to provide our child with everything necessary for a trouble-free start. But often this train of thought stops at physical things like buying school supplies, and we can forget about internal factors.

Nordic Pure Omega-3 liquid with omega 3 acids for children

Balanced mental functioning is essential when children have to process 5-6 hours of new information a day. Most of the brain consists of omega-3 fatty acids, so omega-3 supplementation can significantly improve the ability to concentrate, solve tasks and perceive, and its lack can result in attention deficits, concentration disorders and even hyperactivity. Nordic Pure Omega-3 liquid can be an ideal solution for children, because thanks to its liquid and tasty formula, it is easy to consume even for picky eaters.

Calivita Nordic Pure Omega-3 liquid

Do older children need magnesium?

The proper functioning of the nervous system is ensured by magnesium, which in its natural form is mainly found in vegetables, which are not necessarily every child's favorite choice. However, we must help them overcome the stress they are under! An excellent alternative may be our MagneZi B6 preparation supplemented with zinc and vitamin B6, which has been specially developed for comprehensive support of the nervous system.

Lecithin for memory and concentration for students

On the other hand, lecithin, whose basic ingredients are inositol and choline, is a natural brain stimulant recommended especially for high school and university students. Soy lecithin, apart from other properties, has a very beneficial effect on the nervous system, brain function and memory. To overcome fatigue and inattention, we recommend Triple-Potency Lecithin with a triple concentrated dose of soy lecithin.

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