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Power Mins - minerals necessary for life

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Published by Calivita Partner in Minerals · 22 May 2023
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Did you know that…?

Losing 2.5 liters of water a day also reduces our mineral stores?
Therefore, in addition to water, supplementation of minerals and electrolytes is important.

No process in our body takes place without the presence of any minerals. For example, the Power Mins dietary supplement contains the 10 most important minerals that are needed daily for the activity of our cells.

Who and when do we recommend Power Mins?

  • Due to intense sweating for athletes and people doing hard physical work.
  • For those who need to supplement at least two types of minerals.
  • People who take vitamins to optimize the beneficial effects of these vitamins.
  • Those who want to restore the condition of their body after illness.

Calivita Power Mins

Trace elements - minerals necessary for life

Trace elements (microelements) are minerals that our body needs in very small amounts and which play an important role in maintaining health. They occur in our body in amounts from several hundred milligrams to several grams. Essential (for life) are iron, zinc, copper, iodine, manganese, molybdenum, selenium, cobalt and chromium. Although their content in the body is small, their role is extensive, because they affect a number of vital functions.

Emphasis on diet

We obtain trace elements mainly from food. A monotonous, not very varied diet, poor in nutrients, fast food or refined food are not a sufficient source. Another problem is "destroyed" agricultural land that does not contain the necessary amount of micronutrients.

Therefore, we should include healthy food, preferably organic, in our diet and supplement it with essential trace elements, for example, Power Mins tablets, which contain eight of the nine essential micronutrients mentioned above, as well as two macronutrients - minerals: calcium and magnesium.

Iron and health

Iron, along with proteins, is involved in oxygen transport, cellular metabolism, DNA synthesis, etc. The recommended daily intake of iron is 14 mg. In some cases (infections, inflammations, injuries, heavy menstrual bleeding, chronic diseases, pregnancy, veganism) a higher dose is recommended, which should be discussed with your doctor.

Iron deficiency can manifest as anemia, which is associated with increased fatigue, dizziness, decreased immunity and hair loss. This element will help us supplement the Iron Plus product, which, in addition to iron, also contains vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids that support iron absorption.

Zinc is in all cells

Zinc is a component of many enzymes, supports wound healing, increases immunity, is important for growth, development and DNA synthesis, has an antioxidant effect. It is in all cells. The recommended daily intake of zinc is 10 mg, the optimal dose is considered to be 10-15 mg.

Symptoms of zinc deficiency include developmental delay, loss of appetite, weakened immune system, hair loss, impaired wound healing, skin diseases, reduced sperm production, etc. Mega Zinc will be an effective help in such cases.

Selenium, an effective antioxidant

The main role of selenium in the body is antioxidant defense, has a positive effect on immunity, supports the functions of the thyroid gland and the reproductive system. The recommended daily intake of selenium is 55 µg.

Appropriate selenium content in the diet guarantees protection against oxidation by free radicals, and thus against neurodegenerative, cardiovascular and cancer diseases.

Selenium content in the body decreases with age, smoking, inflammation and some cancers. In such cases, and to improve antioxidant protection, we recommend using Pro Selenium.

Chromium improves glucose absorption

Chromium affects the metabolism of sugars, proteins and fats and improves the sensitivity of cells by increasing the absorption of insulin and glucose.

The recommended daily dose in our country is 40 μg, the optimal is 50-200 μg per day.

The pathogenesis of type 2 diabetes is determined by two mechanisms: insulin resistance (insufficient ability of tissues to respond to insulin) and reduced insulin production in pancreatic beta cells. Insulin resistance can be a symptom of insufficient chromium intake.

Chromium Max 500 contains chromium in the form of picolinate with an organic bond that supports its absorption.

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